Tax voice April 2016

Welcome to this month's edition of tax voice, a monthly round-up of the most important tax news.

Where does the business roadmap point for SMEs?

15 April 2016

Multinationals are grabbing the tax headlines, but does the Government’s ‘business tax roadmap’ post the way to the low tax environment heralded in the chancellor’s Budget speech?

Options when planning for retirement: pensions, ISAs or LISAs?

15 April 2016

The introduction of the lifetime ISA (LISA) from April 2017 gives the under 40s more options when planning for retirement.

Reduction in CGT rates for commercial property

15 April 2016

Investors in commercial property will benefit from the reduction by 8 per cent in the rates of capital gains tax.

Corporation tax - Britain blazing a trail

15 April 2016

A reduced rate of UK corporation tax will be outweighed by a number of tax raising measures for larger corporates.

Warning: corporate interest hazard ahead

15 April 2016

Think that there could not be room for any more rules to curb corporate interest deductions? Think again....