RSM’s healthcare teams have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs across the interconnected healthcare community, as well as an extensive knowledge of everything from accounting in healthcare, to healthcare legal advice and a variety of digital healthcare solutions. As such we can support your organisation as it evolves, to meet the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare market - all with a range of specialist services tailored to your needs.

The pandemic has led to a transformative approach in the delivery of healthcare across the UK. There’s now increased scrutiny of services to patients, financial accountability, medical accounting and healthcare reporting and performance. Having all the right legal and financial aspects in place has never been more important – which is where our experts can help.

We work with a wide range of organisations involved in the patient care journey. This means that our expertise spans the healthcare industry and we provide services including medical accounting, healthcare legal advice and can support the use of digital healthcare solutions. More specifically, we work with organisations within the NHS and public health sector, the private health sector and life sciences.

  • Cyber & the healthcare sector
  • RSM and The King’s Fund
  • Making the most of digital
  • ESG support for your business

Cyber & the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is a target for cybercrime. Sheila Pancholi, RSM’s national technology risk assurance lead, examines the sector's cyber threat landscape and shares practical advice for healthcare organisations to mitigate cyber risks. 

RSM and The King’s Fund

This online event explores what is being done to create collaborative digital strategies at ICS level that enable practical and flexible ways of working between partners.

Making the most of digital

With the government’s stated deadline of March 2025 to launch their digital plan for health and social care, digital transformation is a key priority for the health and care sector.

RSM is proud to work with Care England on this webinar dedicated for the care sector.

ESG support for your business

Our ESG experts and industry leads covered ESG for healthcare and life sciences businesses: what are the current and future regulations impacting the sector, what does good look like in terms of ESG strategy, ESG and your supply chain, and ESG issues to think about at each growth stage. 

Suneel Gupta
Suneel  Gupta
Partner, Head of Private Healthcare
Suneel Gupta
Suneel  Gupta
Partner, Head of Private Healthcare

Health Matters

Health Matters features the latest insights and guidance from our specialists across the healthcare industry, including the NHS and public health sector, the private health sector.

International business services

Whether you’re taking your business overseas for the first time or you want to improve your current international operations, we can help.

Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is an essential consideration for any business wanting to impress stakeholders and contribute to the sustainability movement.