Real Estate 360°

We capture the perspectives of real estate business leaders, from the economic and investment outlook to tech and AI and the increasingly essential role of ESG.

Our survey of more than 150 business leaders provides in-depth insight into the sector, allowing us to identify not only the challenges businesses are facing today, but the risks and opportunities that will shape real estate in the coming years. 

Despite concerns around economic volatility creating a barrier to investment, we are seeing growing optimism and the living sectors rank highest of the asset classes set for growth. 2024 brings an increased emphasis on ESG credentials, which are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but are increasingly becoming a prerequisite to accessing finance. 

And as generative AI technology begins to be implemented across various areas of the sector – early adopters look set to see significant returns.

Harnessing generative AI in construction: reducing overheads in the design and planning phase

In an industry like construction, where low margins leave little room for error, accurately forecasting financial outcomes is imperative. The early design and planning stages of a project therefore become key, with the hours spent assessing the project’s viability, allocating resource and funding, mitigating risks, and managing schedules, quickly racking up. 

Property and the Economy | The 2024 outlook

Our webinar on 1 March featured insights from our UK economist alongside property experts from RSM, Savills and the British Property Federation.

Where do vulnerabilities in the UK property market lie?

Amid the cautious optimism our Real Estate 360° survey highlighted, can we expect 2024 to bring the rebalancing and recovery in investment activity that the sector needs?