Real Estate 360°

We capture the perspectives of real estate business leaders, from the economic and investment outlook to tech and AI and the increasingly essential role of ESG.

Our survey of more than 150 business leaders provides in-depth insight into the sector, allowing us to identify not only the challenges businesses are facing today, but the risks and opportunities that will shape real estate in the coming years. 

Despite concerns around economic volatility creating a barrier to investment, we are seeing growing optimism and the living sectors rank highest of the asset classes set for growth. 2024 brings an increased emphasis on ESG credentials, which are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but are increasingly becoming a prerequisite to accessing finance. 

And as generative AI technology begins to be implemented across various areas of the sector – early adopters look set to see significant returns.

Real estate 360 | Outlook for UK real estate 2024
What are the risks and opportunities that will define the UK real estate sector in 2024? Our annual survey of over 150 property and construction professionals reveals the trends for the year ahead. 
  • Funding and forecasts
  • Assets and regions
  • Sustainability
  • AI and technology

Funding and forecasts

Despite economic volatility and access to funding being cited as top barriers to investment, optimism is growing across the sector – with many respondents feeling positive for what the next few years bring. While 2023 highlighted the remarkable resilience of the industry, we should see a rebalancing and recovery in investor activity in 2024.

Assets and regions

With the UK housing market gripped by a supply and demand imbalance, it’s clear to see why the living sectors will see the most investment growth throughout 2024. Familiar patterns are continuing, with investors choosing the safe havens of certain regions. Meanwhile, there is ongoing concern around office and retail spaces, and the majority of respondents predict an increase in distressed assets this year. 


Strong and quantifiable green credentials are fast becoming no longer a nice to have, but a prerequisite to accessing funding, as lenders act as a driving force towards net zero. Technological barriers and government announcements have caused delays, however businesses who can forge ahead with ESG strategies will be in a stronger position.

AI and technology

The buzz around generative AI has been felt across all industries. And though real estate and construction are later to the party, with concerns remaining around quality and control – many have plans to invest in this technology throughout 2024, expecting to see significant returns. We expect a laser-like focus on data collection and insight to drive best use of new incoming technologies. 

Property and the Economy | The 2024 outlook

Our webinar on 1 March featured insights from our UK economist alongside property experts from RSM, Savills and the British Property Federation.