Throughout the audit process, our use of innovative technologies enables us to carry out faster, more efficient, and secure audits.

The audit engagement team work closely with our data and analytics team to create the right data strategy for your audit using more advanced tools wherever needed.

Our digital strategy optimises our audit service in three ways:

  • Service delivery – using our bespoke deliverables portal and our delivery tool, you can have confidence that you will get what you need, when you need it. We can minimise disruption to your business by creating a virtual audit room and site visit, via Microsoft Teams.
  • Data analysis and visualisation – using our advanced tools we are able to discover data from various sources, identify and analyse patterns in that data, and highlight high risk transactions. Analysing that data is only the first step. The significance of our findings needs to be clear for it to provide real value and insights. This is where data visualisation comes in. Once a data set has been prepared and cleaned, we use PowerBi in order to visualise the results and share them with you.
  • Automation – the technology we use significantly enhances the analytical power of our audits. Using Robotics Process Automation (RPA), we can sample more of your data in less time, allowing us to focus on providing assurance in the identified risks. We use DataSnipper to speed up our audit and risk sampling and data manipulation processes. DataSnipper can be used within Excel workbooks to accelerate the speed and quality of data imports required for an audit engagement. Audit tasks that previously took hours, can be completed in a few minutes.

Our investment in audit related technologies complements our experienced engagement teams and means that you receive the most efficient audit, with better insights into the quality of your data, financial information, and associated controls.

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