Every family business owner cares what the future will hold for their company and its people. The long-term survival of a family business and the preservation of the wealth that has been built, will be dependent upon strategic succession planning.

We understand the key challenges that can arise and aim to support family businesses manage the constant interaction between the family and commercial objectives, lifecycle of the business, the goals and interests of the family and the individuals within the business.

Our unique approach to help define a profitable business strategy is to identify the key value drivers which contribute to sustained growth and is aligned with the family vision to help achieve strong business performance whilst ensuring the family remains committed and strong through the generational changes.

Your options for succession planning

At RSM, we have extensive experience managing shareholders’ aspirations, establishing stakeholders objectives and setting out all available options in a succession-focused strategic plan.

Family succession – we will help you to align business strategy with family values, separating family and personal assets from the family business. Helping to prepare for and support generational changes or board succession.

Private equity – family business succession plans can lead to the company’s ownership either being divided, transferred, or consolidated. Some businesses may be able to fund their succession plans on their own, but when the process requires a cash pay-out that is more than a company has available, it has to turn to external funding sources. RSM can advise on the optimal funding structure according to your succession plan objectives.

Strategic exit planning – we will help you to review the competitive landscape and market opportunities, preparing for transactions; helping to plan for and execute an exit whether total or partial via a trade or private equity investment.

Financing growth – sourcing equity and debt finance, facilitating shareholder exits, refinancing options with other shareholders.

If you think that exiting the business might secure a better future for your family, we can help you develop a plan to maximise value and guide you through the options for ensuring a fair distribution of the proceeds and creating a structure for future generations if desired.

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