As your business grows, and you progress along your journey, the demands on your time will intensify significantly. Those pressures on your time can make dealing with essential tasks challenging and distract you from your primary focus.

Our advisors use their experience and look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes. We don’t pretend to know your business better than you, but we do have a wealth of knowledge in working with businesses at every stage of their development. Every business is unique and at RSM we build strong relationships based on a deep understanding of what matters most to our clients.

Confidence in compliance

Having confidence in your audit and accounting process, as well as knowing that you have met your compliance obligations means that you are free to focus on growing your business.

Annual compliance is essential, and our services are delivered by the relevant specialists. What our clients have told us is they value our strong collaborative approach which differentiates us.

While much of this work is determined by laws and regulation each service should be unique to your business. Our approach is always to tailor our compliance work based on what our clients want in order to add value. 

Business planning

An efficient business will drive your success journey and determine its direction. So, it’s essential that you undertake effective business planning to achieve the maximum potential and mitigate risks.

Having invested time and energy into building your business, as your advisors we can help you ensure that:

  • your business is structured efficiently;
  • you can recruit and retain the best workforce;
  • your business is fit for the digital age and maximising the benefits of technology; and
  • the business is in the best position to maximise its value in a global market.

Our approach takes a holistic view of all the solutions available to you, pairing that with the requirements for your business and taking into account the needs of the wider ownership structure.

Mitigating risk

Every business is unique and so is its approach and attitude to risk. Effective risk advisory, risk management and associated controls are critical to business performance and the achievement of organisational objectives. Risks can be operational, digital or reputational and are a very real threat with serious consequences for your business.

With ever increasing regulation and legislation and emerging risks like cyber security and information governance. It is important to consider what your risk profile looks like and where you might be vulnerable. As your wealth and assets grow, so too does your vulnerability to malicious intent and risk.

We work with you to provide assurance and advice to help manage and mitigate your risks so that you can move forward with confidence.

Engaging in transactions

All businesses at some point will have a change event. These events can come in many forms and can range from financing growth, mergers and acquisitions through to listings on a public market.  All these events tend to be significant for family businesses and having advisors who truly understand their business can and does help this process.

At RSM we ensure this work is delivered by the appropriate specialists supporting the existing client relationships. In this way we ensure the client remains at the centre and feels in control at all times.

Sector Expertise

Our clients value the collaborative approach we take with our clients across all our service offerings and benefit from the necessary expertise. In a rapidly changing world and in order to fully understand our clients challenges and opportunities we have a number of teams which focus on specific sectors.

These sector specialists have significant in-depth knowledge of their sectors and guide our clients through the specific issues affecting organisations within those sectors.

Contact us for support and advice

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