Tax technology

We connect our clients with the best tools to manage their tax positions – ones which don’t break the bank or require significant changes to their infrastructure.

Our tax technology team is made up of former in-house tax and tax technology professionals, who bring their practical experience to every one of our services and products.

We believe in tax technology that’s made for the real world. Our solutions are flexible and add value to the business at every opportunity.

Whenever you need our help, we’ll become part of your team, working together with your colleagues in departments such as HR, finance and IT.

Our expertise and services

  • Our solutions
  • RSM bespoke
  • Selection and implementation

Our solutions

We’ve created a range of off-the-shelf tax technology solutions designed for today’s tax environment.

Tax governance suite

Our tax governance package gives you better visibility of your tax filings. This suite helps you spot potential issues and delivers enhanced tax risk management, quickly and easily. It’s powered by RSM Insight4GRC – our market-leading risk-management software.

VAT and customs analytics

VAT is often the most critical area of tax for businesses. It’s directly linked to your customer and supplier experience and has an immediate impact on almost every transaction. VAT errors can instantly create significant above-the-line costs.

With so much to consider, finance teams may not be confident that their systems and processes are working as they should. Our off-the-shelf VAT and customs tools provide cost-effective solutions. They open the power of automated data analytics to all businesses – without the need for expensive software platforms or in-house expertise.

Making tax digital (MTD)

MTD affects all VAT-registered businesses. Our HMRC-approved filing software can help, whether you’re a small business or a multi-national group with hundreds of VAT registrations. Our solution provides a robust approach to VAT compliance. You’ll also have our leading VAT consulting and outsourcing experts on hand if you need extra advice. 

Employment tax

In today’s world, providing a seamless employee experience is essential to attracting and retaining key individuals. We’ve developed a number of solutions to help you look after your most valuable assets, including People Manager, Pay Manager, InTime, RSM Pinpoint, RSM AssignmentPro and PSA Automation.

Automated capital allowance reviews

Analysing large amounts of information for capital allowances purposes is time consuming and prone to human error. We’ve developed CERT, a programme driven by data analytics, on the Alteryx server. It can analyse large volumes of data efficiently, and in a consistent and auditable manner – protecting your business in the event of HMRC enquiries and against the SAO regime.

CERT allows our clients to outsource their capital allowances process to us, knowing it will be analysed in a robust and efficient way.

RSM bespoke

Are you looking to improve your tax processes, but can’t find the ideal off-the-shelf solution? Our bespoke tax technology service and cutting-edge online analytics platforms can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We’d love to chat about this – particularly if you’re having issues with incompatible and legacy systems. We’ve helped many of our clients move away from inefficient processes and improve the accuracy of data. We can also help you deliver visual insights to your stakeholders in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

Transformation of tax reporting processes

We offer a spectrum of services, from upgrading your Excel-based processes to make them easier and more efficient, to implementing fully-automated tax consolidation systems – and everything in between.

Automated VAT and customs error checking

VAT and customs processes are unique to each business and are often highly complex. We can help you create bespoke error-checking solutions and reporting dashboards, which can be integrated into your existing systems or used on ours.

Bespoke online data analytics and automation

Data analytics is a powerful tool that can help automate tax processes and reduce manual, large-scale data processing.  Many businesses aren’t able to reap the benefits because of expensive software and the time-consuming process of building, implanting and maintaining a new solution.

Our fully hosted data analytics service processes data on your behalf, and we can support you to build and maintain solutions tailored to your needs.

Bespoke KPI dashboards

We can design, build and host a wide variety of dashboards to help present KPIs and other information to your stakeholders.

Data collection and task management

Using our powerful RSM Insight4GRC suite of documents, we can help you build bespoke solutions for managing risk and tasks across your business.

Solution finding

If you’re not sure how to solve your unique problem, we’d love to hear from you. Our expert tax technology team can discuss the best way for us to work together and offer advice or build a solution that’s right for you.

Selection and implementation

We also have an award-winning technology consulting practice and NetSuite/Dynamics 365 implementation group. Our tax technology team can work with these experts to offer you a seamless implementation experience and ongoing specialist support.

We also offer fully supported system selection and implementation services for all major tax software systems.

Please contact us for support and advice on issues such as:

  • 'opportunity scan' solution design workshops;
  • system selection and design;
  • NetSuite implementation;
  • Planful;
  • Dynamics 365;
  • AlphaVAT implementation; and
  • RSM software selection and implementation.

Practical experience

Our tax technology team is led by former in-house tax professionals. They have extensive real-life experience of delivering transformation and technology projects within businesses, including our own.

We love helping our clients find the right solution and working as equal partners. Before making any recommendations, we’ll get to know you and your business. That way, we can deliver as much value as possible to your organisation.

Business first, numbers second

We’ll help you embed tax within the key goals of your organisation  considering customers, colleagues and stakeholders as we do. And we’ll make sure any solutions match the culture and structure of your business.

Our goal is to help you solve the problems that matter most – which can often be the little things that have a surprisingly big impact. We’ll leverage the successful processes and systems and work collaboratively with other teams to:

  • assess and manage risk;
  • shine a light on tax compliance;
  • improve processes and reduce manual intervention;
  • look after employees;
  • create legacy processes that solve problems for the long term; and
  • develop bespoke solutions to unique problems.

We know from personal experience that it can often be easier and faster to talk things through, so please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.