Government and public sector

In a landscape of reduction in central government funding, ever-changing laws and regulation, collaboration with private sector providers and the need to demonstrate an improvement in services provided, whilst meeting the demands of cost efficiency makes the public sector a tough environment. Working together, the practical expertise we can offer from our Public Sector team will provide assurance and advice to help you to meet these challenges and excel. RSM has a wealth of specialists you can count on, who are passionate about their work and the sectors and service lines they specialise in, who can provide you with real added value, insights and make a difference to your organisation.

Experience you can count on

We are one of the leading providers of audit, tax and consulting services to local government, central government, police and crime commissioners, police forces and fire authorities. Our Public Sector team provides a wide range of assurance and advice via internal and external audit teams, tax, financial due-diligence, technology risk assurance, contract and programme management, financial modelling, business case development, forensic, counter fraud, ESG and a number of other services.  

Our experienced team takes a practical approach and works with you in a way that suits your needs. Our expertise allows us to share best practice, give specialist insight and advice across a range of topics, both existing and emerging. This also covers the latest insights from government and public sector regulation and branches out into wider public sector tax and accounting issues. 

Our Partners have significant and deep experience of working across the public sector and we are passionate about building strong relationships and delivering quality outcomes for our clients, tailored to their needs. We also offer an integrated approach that delivers value added services through our national network of local offices.

  • Central government
  • Emergency services
  • Local government

Central government

Juggling the need to demonstrate service improvements despite stretched budgets, government bodies must prove accountability to stakeholders. Our experienced team has the specialist knowledge needed to guide you through managing business as usual alongside a time of change or reduced budget.

In an era of continued austerity and as government organisations prepare for another spending review, there is even more pressure on the use of funds and the efficacy of policy and operations. We understand the challenges and constraints you face and have a specialist central government team with the expertise to help you reduce risk, improve efficiency and audit activities accurately. We keep up to date on all sector developments, so we can help you to stay ahead of changes and bring a range of specialisms to help you deliver your objectives.

Working together to get results

We work closely with you to offer practical advice and support that is tailored to your individual needs. We can support your organisation across a range of key areas, including:

  • support to in-house internal audit teams (including using subject matter experts to bolster the in house team’s skills or experience);
  • contract risk assurance;
  • project and programme expertise;
  • IT audits and technology risk assurance and advice;
  • financial modelling;
  • outsourced internal audit;
  • consulting; and
  • fraud support (investigations, counter fraud, bribery and corruption advice).

Experience you can rely on

We have over 20 years’ experience working for government departments, arm’s length bodies (including non departmental public bodies, trading funds and public corporations), including:

  • UK Trade and Investment;
  • The National Archives;
  • HM Treasury;
  • Forestry Commission;
  • Department For International Development;
  • Civil Nuclear Police Authority;
  • British Library;
  • Imperial War Museum;
  • Tate;
  • Big Lottery Fund;
  • Education and Skills Funding Agency;
  • Care Quality Commission;
  • National Crime Agency;
  • Home Office;
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission; and
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Emergency services

The emergency services sector is under constant pressure to manage demand effectively and deliver services with increasingly challenging budgets. Management of risk, robust financial savings plans and effective decision making are under even more scrutiny. Our specialist team works across the UK to help you improve cost-efficiencies and provide insight, assurance and advice in a number of areas. We help clients mitigate and manage risk, demonstrate accountability and meet their compliance requirements.

We are proud to be one of the leading providers of Audit, Tax and Consultancy services to the emergency services sector, covering police and crime commissioners, police forces, fire authorities and the fire service.

Our expertise allows us to give specialist insight and advice across a range of topics, both existing and emerging. Our experienced team takes a practical approach and works with you in a way that suits your needs, helping you with sector issues that matter to you.


Local government

Local government is constantly under scrutiny, facing significant financial challenges and on-going demands to improve services. Cost efficiency, robust governance, pragmatic risk management and effective financial planning can help local authorities to deliver the results they need to satisfy the public, their partners and regulators. We have an experienced team who posses a wealth of local government experience who can help you address the challenges you are facing.

Innovation, collaboration and sustainability

Our experienced local government team has a practical approach and works in a way that suits your individual needs. We provide specialist assurance, advisory and consultancy services to local authorities across the UK and their subsidiary companies. We have a range of experts who can deliver assurance and advice across a breadth of specialisms and offer innovation solutions.

Mark Jones
Mark Jones
Partner, Head of Internal Audit
Mark Jones
Mark Jones
Partner, Head of Internal Audit

Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG is an essential consideration for any business wanting to impress stakeholders and contribute to the sustainability movement.