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The post-Brexit economy - opportunities and threats to Scottish businesses
Start date: 8.00am - 05 June 2018
End date: 10.00am - 05 June 2018
RSM Glasgow

Join us and AHS Strategies Ltd at our discussion panel focusing on Brexit and its potential effects on the UK and Scottish economies. The seminar will encompass a number of short presentations from our guest speakers, followed by a chaired discussion involving our panel with different perspectives on Brexit, and questions from the audience.

Contract management training course
Start date: 10.00am - 06 June 2018
End date: 5.30pm - 06 June 2018

The one day training course will start 10am and finish 5.30pm. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day will be provided.

Employment tax webinar
Start date: 12.00pm - 06 June 2018
End date: 1.00pm - 06 June 2018
Online webinar

Employment tax, National Minimum Wage and Living Wage compliance has been a focus area for HMRC for a number of years. It is important for employers to keep up to date with changes, ensure compliance and avoid unexpected liabilities. Join us in our webinar to find out what you need to do to keep up to date.

The future of transatlantic trade
Start date: 8.00am - 07 June 2018
End date: 4.00pm - 07 June 2018

This major conference provides an opportunity to discover and understand new opportunities and to build demonstrably relevant relationships with global thought leaders from across North America and the United Kingdom.

US tax reform: impact on UK companies in a post-Brexit world - breakfast seminar
Start date: 8.30am - 07 June 2018
End date: 10.30am - 07 June 2018

The passage of US tax reform on 22 December 2017 represents the first major overhaul of the US federal income tax system in more than 30 years. It triggers immediate and far-reaching international business and tax consequences. In this event we will consider the implications of US tax reform on UK companies, bearing in mind recent UK tax changes and the impending post-Brexit landscape.

Brexit, Europe and the Global Economy – where next?
Start date: 8.00am - 08 June 2018
End date: 10.30am - 08 June 2018

This is a topical briefing on Brexit, Europe and an economic outlook – all with an American perspective on a post Brexit economy – opportunities or threats to UK businesses? Join world renowned economist, Joe Brusuelas, to explore the US economic viewpoint on UK and Europe in the lead up to Brexit. Joe will explore the UK, US and global perspectives.

Accountable Care Organisations workshop
Start date: 8.30am - 12 June 2018
End date: 11.00am - 12 June 2018

With the aim to dissolve the divides that exist between providers operating across the health and care landscape, the creation of ACOs is now gathering momentum. VAT and tax issues are seen by many as representing a large hurdle to overcome with limitations on structures and contracting approaches that can be adopted. Our workshop will explore and provide best practice solutions, sign up now.

Charity focus seminar - how to build a more innovative culture in your charity
Start date: 8.30am - 12 June 2018
End date: 10.30am - 12 June 2018

Across the world, right now, people are suffering and dying. As these problems become more complex and interlinked, and as the civic space for charities to intervene narrows, how should charities respond?

Automotive technical update seminar
Start date: 10.30am - 12 June 2018
End date: 3.30pm - 12 June 2018

Join us at our automotive technical update seminar, taking place across three RSM office locations in June 2018.

Out of adversity comes opportunity - a directors forum
Start date: 8.00am - 14 June 2018
End date: 10.00am - 14 June 2018

​Simon Hart will discuss in detail the opportunities and threats arising from Brexit using the latest YouGov survey data. The seminar is being jointly hosted by the CMA Recruitment Group.