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NetSuite: your guide to 20.2 and beyond
Start date: 11.00am - 08 October 2020
End date: 12.45pm - 08 October 2020
Online event
Attracting investment - growing food and drink brands
Start date: 12.30pm - 08 October 2020
End date: 1.30pm - 08 October 2020
Attracting investment growing food and drink brands

Our round table event will focus on attracting private equity investment in the food and drink industry, the key things to consider when building a food or drink brand, and developing an exit strategy.

NEDwork: Driving performance through incentivisation - what NEDs need to know
Start date: 12.00pm - 22 October 2020
End date: 1.30pm - 22 October 2020
Online event

Existing non- executive directors (NEDs) and RSM experts will discuss driving performance through incentivisation and what NEDs should consider during this process.

NEDwork: Dealing with your lenders in difficult times
Start date: 12.00pm - 09 December 2020
End date: 1.30pm - 09 December 2020
Online event

Dealing with lenders at the moment is difficult, and understanding how non-executive directors can play a role is key. Register for our webinar to discover our top tips.

NEDwork: Boredom in the Boardroom - how strategic risk management can change the game
Start date: 2.00pm - 21 January 2021
End date: 3.30pm - 21 January 2021
Online event

Risk is a broad topic but one that non-exeuctive directors (NEDs) cannot ignore. Register to discuss how NEDs can play a key part in strategic risk management.

NEDwork: Embedding effective and sustainable culture from the top
Start date: 2.00pm - 18 February 2021
End date: 3.30pm - 18 February 2021
Online event

Culture is a tricky thing to get right, but something the Board and non-executive directors must take responsibility for. Join this discussion to talk through.

NEDwork: How NEDs can effectively direct change
Start date: 2.00pm - 19 March 2021
End date: 3.30pm - 19 March 2021
Online event

Directing and governing change is a key responsibility of non-executive directors. This webinar will explore how you can go about this.

NEDwork: The importance of technology in the 'new normal'
Start date: 12.00pm - 21 April 2021
End date: 1.30pm - 21 April 2021
Online event

This webinar will take a look at how technology has impacted our ability to carry on during coronavirus, and how technology impacts the non-executive director.

NEDwork: Having the right skills and competencies as a non-executive director
Start date: 12.00pm - 28 May 2021
End date: 1.30pm - 28 May 2021
Online event

Having the right skills to effectively be a non-executive director is not easy. This session will cover of some of the key points that you need to consider.

NEDwork: Doing the Deal - The role of the non executive director in buying a business
Start date: 12.00pm - 09 June 2021
End date: 1.30pm - 09 June 2021
Online event

Buying a business is no small feat. The role of the non-executive director is key - find out what it involves in this webinar.