How can retailers shock proof their supply chains?

05 March 2020

In 2022, we find ourselves in a volatile geopolitical environment with increasing numbers of retailers citing supply chain woes as the main driver for business disruption and cutting revenue forecasts.

Indeed, our latest The Real Economy report on global supply chains found that 44 per cent of respondents experienced a significant increase in operating costs due to upstream supply chain issues and 42 per cent saw a reduction in profitability.

So, what are the key issues impacting retail supply chains and how can retailers shore up operations to mitigate the risk of disruption?

In this webinar, our Head of Retail, Jacqui Baker along with a panel of industry experts, Brad Ashton, Customs and International Trade Partner, Paul Dowell, Consulting Director, and Tom Pugh, Economist discussed core challenges for global supply chains with topics ranging:

  • the geopolitical landscape and the effect on consumers and retailers;
  • core issues retailers are experiencing across the supply chain;
  • is your Brexit strategy fit for purpose and the impact on movement of goods; and
  • practical points for retailers to consider in relation to supply chains.