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Our latest report on The Real Economy looks at the middle market’s response to the ongoing disruption to global supply chains, and the impact it’s having.

Discover more about what middle market leaders are doing to lessen the impact of labour and supply shortages, and what more can be done. 

Sector and economic insights on global supply chains

Embracing technology and new materials – constructing the supply chains of the future

Supply chain disruption has hit the construction sector particularly hard, with many firms waiting much longer than usual for essential materials. We analyse the underlying issues and what the sector can do to minimise the impact.

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Shock-proofing retail supply chains – where to start?

Recent events have retailers questioning whether their extended global supply chains are as profitable or reliable as they once were. We look at the top five practical steps retailers can take to protect their businesses.

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Manufacturing outlook: Surviving the supply chain crisis

UK manufacturers are still feeling the effects of port and factory closures during 2020 and 2021, and supply chains remain fragile. Is re-shoring the answer? We look at what’s ahead for the sector.

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Semi-conductors – tiny components in enormous global supply chains

Partner and Technology analyst Ben Bilsland gives an overview of the current and future role of semi-conductors in international supply chains, including state efforts to protect against global disruption and the UK's position in the fabrication ecosystem.

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UK inflation: running up that hill

Economist Tom Pugh looks at the unwelcome revival of 1980s-style inflation, and analyses the data from our latest report on The Real Economy to see what lies ahead for the middle market. 

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US-UK comparison: Supply chain, costs, war in Ukraine

UK businesses seemed to fare better than US companies on numerous supply chain challenges, our data shows. Find out more from our latest report on The Real Economy.

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How to future proof your supply chain

What are the top five actions every UK business can take to mitigate the impact of global supply chain issues? Our experts make their recommendations in our latest report from The Real Economy.

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Global supply chains report

Our latest report compares our most recent topical survey of over 400 middle market business leaders with what our experts are seeing in the market. The good news is there’s still reason for optimism and opportunities, despite tough conditions.

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The real economy

The Real Economy

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