Media UK - Industry outlook 2024

Our UK media industry outlook brings together the insights and perspectives of 300 UK media business leaders, spanning sectors including advertising agencies, television, gaming, audio and publishing. The findings of our survey shed light on the current challenges and prospects within the industry.

The UK media landscape continues to show its resilience, performing well against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and fluctuations. While over 60% of our media respondents feel optimistic for their business over the next 12 months, this drops to 52% when looking more long term. 

As the survey results indicate, business leaders are feeling uncertain about the future. We delve into the potential reasons for this, including persistent workforce challenges and skills shortages, increased scrutiny from HMRC on research and development (R&D) claims and navigating the rapid advancement of technologies, notably generative artificial intelligence. 

As the future remains unclear – our media industry outlook investigates strategies that businesses can employ to maintain a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond.

Media industry outlook 2024


‘We are lucky to work with some fantastic media businesses, so it is important for us to truly understand the challenges many are facing, but also where there are opportunities. Our team of specialists can provide support to help combat any uncertainty business leaders might be feeling about the future, and in our articles we delve into areas like funding and exit planning, share schemes and maximising innovation relief claims.’ 

David Blacher, Head of Media and Technology