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Undertaking labour supply chain due diligence for off-payroll workers
Susan Ball

25 June 2021

With the changes in the IR35 rules, it is now more important to undertake due diligence on your labour supply chains. Failure to do so could result in tax and NIC liabilities.

Construction industry scheme changes from 6 April 2021
Susan Ball

21 June 2021

We explore the impact of the new construction industry scheme rules in place since 6 April 2021 and how they could result in significant changes for businesses going forward.

Consultation outlines new taxes for residential property developers
Adrian Benosiglio

21 June 2021

Residential property developers have been targeted with a new tax on their profits, aimed at bringing an end to unsafe cladding on residential developments in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster. At a time when the Government is aiming to build more homes, will this reduce the number of investors in the sector?

Will the enforcement body for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?
Susan Ball

16 June 2021

Co-ordination between disparate labour market enforcement agencies is now to become a reality with the publication of the long awaited BEIS response to the consultation. But will the government’s newly announced single enforcement body (SEB) for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?

Have you paid additional employee expenses, or changed the benefits you provide, due to coronavirus?
Susan Ball

27 May 2021

Many employers have had to adapt their usual expenses and benefits to support employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Which of changes might be taxable?

How will IR35 affect the real estate and construction sector from 6 April 2021?
Howard Freedman

07 May 2021

The IR35 reforms from 6 April 2021 will have a significant impact on the real estate and construction sector. What should businesses be doing to prepare for the upcoming changes?

Off-payroll working – what is the impact of the small companies accounting regime?
Carolyn Brown

04 May 2021

The legislative changes for off-payroll workers in the private sector will not apply to client end users who are small companies. For those, the current legalisation in Chapter 8 of ITEPA 2003 remains applicable. The size of the company (and in the case of a parent company, the size of the group headed by it) in terms of its turnover, balance sheet total and average number of employees determines whether it is classed as small.

Salary sacrifice for pension contributions – are you using it?
Susan Ball

30 April 2021

Are you using salary sacrifice for employer pension contributions? Read more how you can generate NIC savings for your organisation and your employees.

Major change to variable paid employees’ CJRS grant claims calculations from 1 May 2021
Carolyn Brown

23 April 2021

From 1 May 2021 there will be a major change to CJRS for variable paid furloughed employees. Ensure you use the right calculations so that your claims for May 2021 onwards are valid.

Employment tax update
Susan Ball

15 April 2021

Following the Budget and other recent announcements, we detail the important areas to consider for UK employment tax compliance matters