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Weekly tax brief | 21 August 2019

21 August 2019

This week's articles are 'Memo to the Chancellor: ten top tips to simplify the tax system', 'Prepare for the worst: VAT', 'Perfect storm for the construction sector: reverse the reverse charge!', and 'Is test-driving a Tesla part of your no-deal planning?'.

Memo to the Chancellor: ten top tips to simplify the tax system

21 August 2019

It’s good to hear that the Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid is committed to low taxes and a simpler tax system. To get the ball rolling, RSM’s experienced tax advisers suggest changes which they know their clients would like the Chancellor to make.

Tax extremes: number of people paying no tax or top-rate tax both increase

15 August 2019

The UK tax system is delicately balanced, with more people than ever before either paying no tax or paying income tax at top rates. The Chancellor of the Exchequer may be tempted to introduce additional top rates of income tax in his budget. However, care will be required to avoid driving more high-earners out of the country.

Will tax increases pay for Boris’ spending spree?

14 August 2019

With the Prime Minister under attack for alleged blatant electioneering, we take a look at the total cost of the new policy measures which he has announced. These could be paid for through borrowing or tax increases. What might the tax increases look like?

Weekly tax brief | 13 August 2019

13 August 2019

The week's articles are 'Will tax increases pay for Boris’ spending spree?', 'Tax extremes: numbers paying no tax or top-rate tax both increase', 'Document your gifting strategy while you can', and 'An end to the favourable tax treatment of partnerships?'.

Share schemes FAQs
Fiona Bell

Do you have questions about your employee share scheme or one you want to introduce? Fiona Bell, who leads our Employee Share Schemes team nationally, answers some of the most common questions.

Capital losses - new restrictions
Adrian Benosiglio

08 August 2019

As of 1 April 2020, new rules regarding restrictions on capital losses are due to commence. Find out how you may be affected by the new legislation.

NHS pensions tax row: government was warned as long ago as 2012

07 August 2019

As long ago as 2012 the government was warned that public sector employees, including doctors, would be adversely affected by a complex range of pensions tax changes which were then being debated. Seven years later, it’s time for the Treasury to clear up the mess by scrapping the annual allowance taper.

Work experience and internships: to pay or not to pay?

07 August 2019

Summer’s here, and along with enjoying the sunshine businesses around the UK often offer internships or work experience to students. But how should they be treated? Do they need to be paid?

Weekly tax brief | 7 August 2019

07 August 2019

This week's articles are 'NHS pensions tax row: government was warned as long ago as 2012', 'The cost of dying is increasing', 'Work experience and internships: to pay or not to pay?' and 'What do new inheritance tax recommendations mean for rural businesses? '.

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