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Financial markets cast their vote for Boris
Simon Hart

13 December 2019

Stress in the UK financial markets saw a major dip as last night’s exit poll revealed an impending landslide election victory to the Conservative party.

General election update
Simon Hart

13 December 2019

Boris Johnson has been presented with an overwhelming endorsement from the UK electorate to deliver the Conservative party manifesto following the 12 December 2019 General Election result. What now?

Peter Williams


Peter is an indirect tax partner based in RSM’s Birmingham office. He advises corporate clients on all aspects of their VAT affairs and has extensive experience in the retail, manufacturing and leisure & hospitality sectors.

Graham Steele


Graham is a tax partner and leads RSM’s North West region innovation reliefs team.

Peter Reynolds


Peter is a tax partner based in the London office specialising in capital allowances and developing fixed asset processes that deliver effective information for tax and accounting.

Occupational health proposals could unlock productivity gains for employers
Susan Ball

09 December 2019

A report from the Working Well consortium, which includes some of the UK's largest employers, has recommended reforming the tax rules for employer-supported occupational health services, a move that could provide significant productivity gains for UK businesses.

Share incentive plans

09 December 2019

A share incentive plan is a tax efficient way of providing shares to employees. These plans can provide employees with up to £9,000 worth of shares, potentially tax-free whilst also increasing the employer’s after-tax profits.

Enterprise management incentives share options

09 December 2019

Enterprise management incentives share options enable you to incentivise your team to grow the company with little to no expense.

Employee ownership trusts

09 December 2019

Employee ownership trusts are a method by which the controlling interest in a company can be transferred to a trust to be held for employees, and which brings with it some helpful, tax free bonus arrangements.

Weekly tax brief | 4 December 2019

04 December 2019

This week's articles are 'Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems tax proposals explained', 'How finding romance can get even more taxing', 'Pensions complexity sets another trap for taxpayers', 'Deficiencies in private residence relief restrict court case', and 'Will off-payroll working rules review change forthcoming IR35 rules?'.

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