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Despite uncertainty, the UK is open for manufacturers
Mike Thornton

09 April 2021

Despite uncertainty and supply chain pressures, the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI shows significant improvement increasing to a decade-high of 58.9 from 55.1.

Budget boost for automotive manufacturers; but does the UK have scope to grow the electric market?
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

31 March 2021

After the most challenging year in UK automotive history, perhaps some shoots of recovering are beginning to appear for the industry amidst a significant month on month increase in car production and some positive steps announced in the budget.

A hard winter but a better spring beckons for the food and drink sector
Stuart McCallum

31 March 2021

Food and drink exports are collapsing post Brexit so what next for the sector? Hopefully this disruption will become easier to manage quickly but in the meantime - can the industry develop more sales here in the UK? Will UK consumers buy locally and buy seasonally to support UK food and drink manufacturers through a tough time?

Maximising manufacturing talent through apprenticeships virtual forum

19 March 2021

Our round table event will focus on maximising manufacturing industry talent through apprenticeships. This discussion will focus on making the most of the levy and the challenges in doing so, calculating and paying the right amount of apprenticeship levy, developing an apprenticeship strategy and employment tax and broader HR considerations.

Despite uncertainty, manufacturers need to invest in the future now
Mike Thornton

01 March 2021

After hitting a three-month low at the start of the year, the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI signals slight improvement for manufacturers moving to 55.1 from 54.1.

RSM’s outlook for the automotive industry
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

10 February 2021

An unprecedented drop in car production in 2020 highlights the challenging times ahead for automotive manufacturers. With the impacts of Brexit and coronavirus still being felt across the industry, what does the road ahead look like for 2021?

Reviving and rebalancing regional economies through manufacturing
Mike Thornton

23 November 2020

RSM and Make UK report states regional devolution is critical to refocus priorities towards local infrastructure projects and rebalance the UK. Find out how regional economies can be rebalanced through the manufacturing sector and download the full report.

How manufacturers can lessen the impact of future coronavirus lockdowns
Ben Horseman

28 September 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the manufacturing sector unevenly. But with more lockdowns looming, what can manufacturing firms do to protect their operations?

Virtual roundtable for automotive manufacturers

01 September 2020

We are hosting a virtual round table forum specifically for automotive manufacturers at 12.30pm on Wednesday 16 September.

Encouraging signs of recovery for the manufacturing sector
Mike Thornton

06 July 2020

The June CIPS PMI returned to an above neutral measure in June at 50.1, showing some early signs of recovery as lockdown measures ease. Over the past few months many have been mitigating supply chain risks by sourcing new suppliers closer to home – will this trend continue?