In recent years the amount of data being generated by organisations has grown exponentially and with it so too has the number of opportunities to gain insight and drive value from that data.

Data analytics tools empower businesses to leverage their data to gain insight and improve decision making. This, in turn, drives operational efficiency and creates market advantage.

With that in mind, data analytics and insights must be a core component of any digital and data strategy.

We can help you define the best data strategy for your needs and support you with the implementation so that you can benefit from robust reporting and data analytics and insights solutions.

  • Data as an asset
  • How we work with you
  • Data analytics and insights

Data as an asset

Our team will help turn your data into an asset by understanding, challenging, harnessing and linking your data to create one trusted source of truth. 

We can assist you in selecting a suitable data analytics tool to provide you with new and current insights from your data and intuitive visualisations for use throughout your organisation.

Our advice and solutions will enable you to drive actions, make more informed business decisions, and track progress against strategic goals through your data insights.

How we work with you

We invest the time in getting to know you and your organisation. This allows us to build trust, demonstrate our expertise and deliver a proactive service which complements your timescales, priorities and overall business strategy.

When running a data analytics and insights project we often collaborate with our wider digital and data teams, ensuring that we have given due consideration to your broader digital strategy, helping us to design a bespoke solution for you.

We have excellent knowledge of and experience working with the latest technologies, offering market leading data analytics and insights services to mid-market organisations.

Data analytics and insights

Our data analytics and insight consulting services include:

  • Design interactive and insightful performance dashboards
    • design data flows to link data from multiple data sources
    • identify gaps in your data
    • advise on and implement appropriate data analytics tools
    • design and build performance dashboards using multiple data sources
  • Reduce repetitive data processes
    • review processes and identify opportunities for efficiencies
    • design and build data models to automate complex reporting tasks
    • free up your team’s time for more rewarding work, helping with staff retention
    • decrease the time taken to produce management accounts
  • Develop and implement a data strategy
    • review or write a data strategy, ensuring that this aligns with and supports your overall business and digital strategy
  • Data platform
    • advise on data architecture, design and build
  • Data quality assessment and governance
    • highlight opportunities for data cleansing
    • review and recommended appropriate governance to ensure your data is complete, correct and consistent
    • challenge data integrity, giving you confidence in your data
  • Data risk management and compliance
    • challenge key controls and compliance processes

Learn more about Data Analytics services across RSM

Data analytics enhances our traditional audit, tax and consulting services

We have adopted a data driven approach in house across all our service lines, using our standard data analytics tools and methodology to enhance our traditional audit, tax and consulting services. Through our central data analytics hub, our specialist service line teams have access to the latest technology allowing them to work with large volumes of data quickly and efficiently and to deliver enhanced services to you.

Our analytics hub allows service line teams to implement more robust and scalable processes, to gain deeper insight into your data, and to use sophisticated tools to present their findings in digital, interactive ways through our on-line client portal.

We drive innovation across the business through our digital community, providing data analytics champions in each service line with a forum to collaborate and share ideas. The result is a suite of digital services and products designed to enhance our traditional services.

Our specialist data analytics teams have a wide range of industry and service expertise, working collaboratively with your team to design and deliver tailored digital solutions to meet your needs.

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