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Future of finance series for finance leaders

Finance sits at the heart of a business, there to provide advice and guidance throughout the many operational and regulatory decisions that need to be made in today’s economic market. However, in order to continue to provide this valuable support, finance needs to change. To continue to provide meaningful information on a timely basis, finance needs, to shed legacy systems and inefficient processes and embrace more modern and agile digital technologies.

We recently asked several finance leaders from a variety of sectors what was important to them. This webinar series is a deep dive into some of those topics, designed to help you navigate the future of finance. 

  • The tax landscape
  • Data and analytics
  • Deliver automation
  • ESG
  • Adopting digital technologies

The tax landscape

Future of Finance: the tax landscape | watch on demand

In this session our tax experts summarised key themes in the rapidly changing arena of how tax is managed. Tax submissions are becoming increasingly digital/ automated and the responsibilities placed on business leaders are changing as a result.

Data and analytics

The role of Finance in leading a data and analytics strategy | watch on demand

In this webinar our experts provided insight into the data maturity of the current landscape and gave guidance on how to navigate strategies to implement data management, data governance and a data platform to ensure you are equipped for the future.

Deliver automation

How to deliver automation to the finance function | watch on demand

In this webinar our digital advisory specialists have discussed the variety of tools that exist to help finance leaders deliver greater levels of automation in teams, the skills needed to achieve this and how to continually deliver benefits from automation.


The role of finance in leading, driving and reporting on ESG | Watch on demand

In this webinar our experts discussed the growing demands on finance leaders in the organisational leadership of ESG. The session focused on governance, leadership and continuous improvement, and highlighted some of the skills required to deliver the required outcomes for both the ESG requirements and your stakeholders.

Adopting digital technologies

How Finance leaders are adapting to the changing role of Finance | Watch on demand

In this webinar our experts drew on practical examples to illustrate how finance functions are moving away from the traditional ‘back-office function’, to one where they have a seat at the decision making table and are seen as a critical strategic partner, there to provide insightful analysis and support commercial decision making.

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