Data advisory and analytics

Storing large amounts of information has become far simpler and easier in recent years. The skill is in leveraging mass data to gain new insights and ultimately drive growth. That’s where RSM’s wide range of data services come in.

Businesses looking for a competitive edge can take advantage of the increased ease in which large amounts of data can now be obtained and stored. Good use of data can lead to a deeper understanding of business processes, the workforce, supply chain management and even customer behaviour. Risk, compliance, and internal audit teams have also found they can transform their practices using data analysis techniques, gaining insights into compliance issues, fraud and control breakdowns. RSM offers a wide range of data services designed to ensure your data is complete and accurate, as well as advanced analytics to help you drive new data insights. Our team of analytics experts can tailor its services to meet your individual needs. We can help you with:

  • audit analytics;
  • spend recovery analytics;
  • Data Protection Act compliance;
  • data quality framework; and
  • data migration.

In addition, our data analytics consulting specialists can help drive your data and analytics strategy in the longer term.

To find out how RSM’s data advisory and analytics team can help your organisation, please contact Steven Snaith.

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