Foreign direct investment

Setting up operations in the UK or globally?

Entering new markets is both an exciting time and a risky time for businesses.

We know how critical it is to get expansion plans right first time and can help with your foreign direct investment options. When setting up new entities in the UK, staff based in parent organisations companies outside the UK may lack the local knowledge needed of tax, legal and employment legislation and compliance requirements. You may not be aware, for example, of local HR legislation which carry personal liability sanctions, or local tax obligations which might be created based on the company structure you choose to create. 

What do you need to know?

We can plug this knowledge gap, acting as your adviser guiding you through the complexities of foreign direct investment. We have put together a guide to what to consider when expanding overseas which will help you understand what you need to be aware of, and to plan your project successfully. Our team can help to de-risk your project and actively manage your challenges. 

We have also put together a more in-depth guide to starting up in the UK and our summary of the top 10 considerations. 

We have been working with clients to realise their expansion ambitions for many years. We have listened to their needs and developed a foreign direct investment service to ensure you achieve your objectives, on time and on budget.

What should you think about when setting up an entity in the UK?

Typically, when setting up a new entity in the UK, you will need to consider:

  • your entity structure and tax planning;
  • expatriate tax support & planning;
  • payroll and employment matters;
  • HR compliance and ongoing administration;
  • setting up a corporate bank account;
  • registering for VAT;
  • bookkeeping, cash management and management accounts; and
  • ongoing annual compliance.

Our team offer proactive advice, building trust and demonstrating their expertise. We have a sharp focus on the transition phase of every project, deploying tried and tested methodologies and utilising highly skilled and experienced team members. Crucially, our Partners remain involved with our clients throughout proposal, transition and delivery phases of projects – giving you a partnered, personal service to ensure complete peace of mind. 

We can quickly access a wide network of inhouse experts e.g. in M&A / Corporate Finance, or Risk Assurance, to manage any additional projects that may arise as a result of your expansion as well as connecting you to our network of experts globally. 

We are your gateway to the UK

We work with a number of agencies globally, including internationally focused banks, lawyers and other intermediaries, to advise and guide clients starting their expansion journey. This might include a warm introduction for you to receive one on one initial advice or delivering training sessions for groups of companies at the early stages of expansion. 

This brings our expertise together with the knowledge and experience of other professional advisers and funders operating in this space. 

Our partners include the UK Department for International Trade and London & Partners.

Please contact Mike SablesGayle Davies or Samantha Day for further advice on investing in the UK.

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