The legislative landscape remains challenging for businesses operating around the world. Our integrated global compliance and reporting services (i-GCRS) approach will help you meet your global filing and accounting deadlines, providing you with a window into progress with all your worldwide responsibilities on a country-by-country basis with ready access to all your documents.

And if you’re considering whether a global managed services solution is right for you, we also provide an outsourcing advisory service to help with your evaluation and business case development.  For more details of this service please contact Suzanne Willmott.

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Our i-GCRS model centres around a project management office (PMO) that co-ordinates and tracks progress with a business's obligations in all jurisdictions of operation – whether the managed services are delivered via our network of 120 countries or through our UK central services model.

Under this central UK model, we can deliver bookkeeping services, VAT compliance and financial statement preparation for over 50 countries using our state-of-the-art technologies. This is supplemented, where technical insight is required, by our member firm network.

Find out more about how our services can support you in this global services brochure or get in touch with Ian Sadler

PM Office

Our project management office (PMO) is your single point of access into the RSM global network, coordinating and tracking tasks in every country you operate in. Progress is visible to you through an on-line dashboard that provides an up-to-date position of your accounting and compliance activities around the globe, even where we are not providing the underlying service.

Through our PMO we provide our clients with regulatory updates on tax compliance and similar matters, we manage changes in the global scope of work, provide oversight of all local invoicing and provide support as you move into new markets.

The PMO will also oversee the capture of data, whether structured data from accounting systems or otherwise, on a monthly, quarterly or annual process. The PMO team works with our UK Central Data Management team to facilitate a secure and simple method of data transfer, either with our easy-to-use client portal or using one of the many methods of automated data transfer available.

For more details of our PMO team please contact Tom Bouch

International markets

Globalisation continues to bring the world closer together, reducing barriers to international trade and commerce. It’s increasingly common for businesses of all sizes to expand into overseas markets. Changing customer profiles and modern technology have also made it much easier to access products and services internationally and allow businesses to work flexibly.  

However, all this expansion comes with increased complexity. As you enter new territories, you will have to wrestle with unfamiliar local practices, new compliance obligations and regulations. At the start of an overseas venture, you may not have the in-house knowledge or capacity to manage these new challenges, and it can take a lot of time and effort to make sure you are fully compliant across new jurisdictions. 

Establishing your international presence with global consulting 

Moving into new countries where you don’t have local knowledge can be intimidating. Trying to understand local laws and practices is often harder than first expected, but by tapping into the expertise of our global RSM network, our dynamic market expansion team can map out a course that gets you where you need to be. 

Highly qualified and based in the UK, our project managers will guide you through unfamiliar markets, helping to identify local registration and filing needs and resolving key risks.  

Once we’ve helped you successfully establish your new international presence, our team will help you coordinate and deliver all local compliance requirements including bookkeeping, tax compliance, financial statement preparation, payroll and statutory audit services. This removes the need to find trusted advisers for multiple services in a market you may not be familiar with, instead providing you with a single UK contact team.  

Our approach is very people-centred, using tried and tested project management methods and our online workflow management tool. This tool allows you to view and track compliance filings in real time and assign work to designated people. This provides accountability and allows for the fast delivery of your compliance obligations. 

As you grow and your business continues to develop, we continue partnering with you, strengthening your base in your chosen international markets.  

For more information on how we can help, please contact Tom Bouch


Our Finance shared services centre in Belfast has the expertise and capacity to deliver your international bookkeeping covering both transaction processing and monthly management accounts.

The team can work either on your chosen accounting system or on our NetSuite platform, developed in conjunction with our Consulting practice, the leading adviser and implementer of NetSuite in Europe.

Within Belfast, we use other leading technologies, including the latest invoice capture, robotics and automation tools where needed, helping to reduce your technology spending.

We can either provide standard management information outputs, including profit and loss and balance sheet reporting, or adapt these for your own monthly reporting needs including bespoke analytics and balance sheet reconciliations.

For our international clients, the NetSuite OneWorld system features tax nexuses that provide each country's standard VAT rates and sales invoice templates. This allows us to meet your international bookkeeping requirements. We’ll also determine the most appropriate GAAP for managing the books across your business.

For more information on how we can help, please contact Suzanne Willmott.

VAT compliance

Global VAT compliance has evolved. While traditional VAT compliance is still prevalent, there is a major shift underway to the real-time submission of transactional data to local tax authorities. Changes such as these will put pressure on you to submit complete and accurate data on a timely basis to avoid the risk of penalties and interest. 

Our UK-based, global VAT compliance team (GVCR) helps take this burden out of your hands. We deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service to manage all your indirect tax compliance needs, using a combination of standardised processes, state-of-the-art technology, and experienced professionals who will deliver a hands-on service.

We can handle all your digital reporting requirement in the EU, and most other non-EU countries, as well as traditional VAT compliance under a single engagement, eliminating the need to work separately with multiple vendors.

We use a secure and straightforward data management process that’s powered by Microsoft Azure cloud services alongside over 150 standard data hygiene and VAT technical rule based analytics. 

For more information on how we can help you with your VAT compliance, please contact Joost Willemsen. 

Financial statements

Completing statutory and non-statutory financial statements for each country you operate in can be an intensive and challenging task.

Our Global Financial Statement (GFS) team combines central and local expertise to prepare globally consistent, local financial statements that can be tailored to a common, client specific format where required. The process is automated via the Thomson Reuters OneSource platform which supports reporting requirements for more than 40 countries.

The GFS team also works closely with our UK and overseas Financial Reporting teams which helps us address complex local accounting topics and GAAP knowledge and allows us to stay up to date with the implementation of new accounting standards.

Our flexible service delivery model also allows us to match your needs. If your end goal is to create your own dedicated financial reporting hub, we can align our processes and approach with that ultimate goal in mind.

For more information on how we can help you with your financial statement preparation, please contact Philip Gale.