Secure your expansion plans with FDI outsourcing

Launching in new markets is both exciting and risky for businesses. We can help you with a range of foreign direct investment options as we understand how important it is to get your plans right first time.

When launching your business in the UK, your team might not have the knowledge of local legislation and compliance they need. For example, there could be HR legislation or tax obligations based on your particular company structure that you would need to be familiar with.

We provide invaluable local expertise, guiding you through the complexities of FDI. We’ve put together a guide on what to consider when expanding into the UK, which highlights the key issues you may come across. Our team is here to help you plan and launch your project, on time and on budget. With our support, you can remove the risks that could compromise your new venture. 

We’ve also created a more in-depth guide to starting up in the UK.  

If your business is new to the UK, watch our Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) video

Proactive advice with a personal touch

Our highly skilled and experienced team offers a proactive service. We focus on the transition phase of every project, using tried and tested methods, and stay closely involved at each stage - from proposal to transition and delivery. It’s all about giving you a partnered, personal service to ensure real peace of mind.

With a breadth of expertise to draw on, we can quickly access a wide network of inhouse professionals, in Corporate Finance or Risk Assurance for example. And at every step, we make sure you can tap into the potential of our global RSM network.

Here are some of the areas we can help you with as you launch in the UK:

  • your entity structure and tax planning;
  • expatriate tax support & planning;
  • payroll and employment matters;
  • HR compliance and administration;
  • setting up a corporate bank account;
  • registering for VAT;
  • bookkeeping, cash management and management accounts; and
  • ongoing annual compliance.

Your gateway to the UK

Our global connections include international banks, lawyers and other key professionals, who can advise and guide you on your journey into the UK market. From well-informed one-to-one advice to large scale training sessions, we put you in touch with the people who can make all the difference to expansion success.  

Our partners include the UK Department for International Trade and London & Partners

To discuss your needs in more detail, please contact Mike SablesGayle Davies or Samantha Day.