Data analytics consulting services

Helping drive your data and analytics strategy and supporting you to implement a Business Intelligence solution

We understand the challenges faced by organisations in an ever changing and competitive environment with increasing pressure to act quickly. We also recognise the frustration of not being able to run meaningful reports at the touch of a button without worrying about whether the information is reliable.

In recent years the amount of data being generated by organisations has grown exponentially and with it so too has the number of opportunities to gain insight and drive value from that data. Business intelligence solutions allow organisations to effectively bring together operational, finance and external data into a single platform. The use of BI and the analytics tools within that platform empowers businesses to leverage their data to gain insight and improve decision making. This, in turn, drives organisational excellence and creates market advantage.

With that in mind, data and analytics must be a core component of any digital transformation journey. We can help you define the right strategy for your needs and support you with your implementation so that you can quickly benefit from robust reporting and data analytics.

Issues you may face when trying to analyse your data:

  • your data is held across a number of unconnected systems;
  • you lack any kind of data governance;
  • your organisation has an over-reliance on spreadsheets;
  • managing your data requires lots of manual, repetitive work;
  • your teams are operating in informational silos;
  • there is confusion over ‘the right numbers’;
  • you lack the ability to drill into your numbers to see the underlying data; and
  • you're unable to draw any meaningful insight from your data.

Getting started on your data governance programme: why you should do it, and how to do it effectively’

Access RSM’s latest guide on data governance. Our data analytics experts take you through some key considerations to support you on your data governance journey to produce more quality data that yields more effective business insights.

Learn more about:

  • What is data governance, and its importance?
  • Establishing the value driver and building the business case
  • Creating a data governance framework
  • What roles should be established, and who should be involved?
  • How mature are your current data governance processes?
  • The four pillars of data governance
  • Essential tips to overcoming potential challenges

Access the guide

Enabling you to turn your data into an organisational asset

RSM can help turn your data into an asset by understanding, harnessing and linking your data to create a single source of truth that can be trusted throughout your organisation.

We can help you identify the best solutions for your needs - from the underlying platform to the front-end visualisations, from off the shelf products to custom built enterprise solutions. Our advice and solutions will help you to drive actionable insight and enable better and faster decision making.

Our data analytics services

Our team offer proactive advice, building trust and demonstrating their expertise. Through our collaborative approach we create unique solutions that meet your specific needs, helping you use your data to its full advantage in a proactive way. Our service includes:

  • Data source evaluation - We identify and assess all your data sources to understand the information you have available.
  • Data quality assessment - We highlight opportunities for data cleansing and introduce appropriate governance to ensure your data is complete, correct and consistent.
  • Data integration and modelling - We enable you to link data from multiple sources and create data models for better reporting.
  • Enterprise analytics solutions selection and implementation - We provide assistance with selecting the right platform and technology for your organisation that meets your data needs.
  • Reporting and visualisations advice - Through understanding your reporting needs we can recommend appropriate reporting tools, KPIs and metrics, and provide assistance with report creation. We will also help you in defining use cases and identifying gaps in your data.

Working with RSM

Our experienced team focuses on understanding your business challenges and driving actionable information. We adopt a flexible tool agnostic approach and follow an agile methodology, allowing us to adapt to your changing environment. In addition, our risk and data analytics service can provide advice on data risk and compliance. Crucially, we remain involved with our clients throughout the assessment, proposal and delivery phases of projects – giving you a partnered, personal service to ensure complete peace of mind.

Contact Sarah Belsham to find out how we can help you define the right data strategy for your organisation, support you with your BI implementation and turn your data into actionable insights.

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data & analytics rapid assessment service

A cost effective solution to help you define your data and analytics strategy, providing you with a report of recommendations and an implementation roadmap.

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Overview of our data analytics consulting services


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