The role of the finance is changing. Finance is being recognised as a key business partner in analysing financial data, identifying trends, and driving the strategic direction of the business. No longer is Finance seen as a “back office function.” To do this, Finance must embrace the automation of key tasks and activities and encourage the digitalisation of data. 

Optimise your finance function

Our digital finance consulting team can help you take a deep dive into the operations of your finance team, to ask the right questions, and gain the insight you need to make vital improvements. 

Questions you’ll need to consider include: 

  • Is your finance team doing the best that they can with the technology and systems available to them? 
  • Is your finance team having to mitigate weaknesses in your finance system with manual, time-consuming and often repetitive processes?
  • Does your current finance system still meet the changing needs of your business and customers?  
  • Is your finance   team trapped in the traditional role of transaction processing – leaving little time to analyse the numbers, and provide management with insight to help drive operational performance and support the delivery of its strategic objectives?  
  • Is your finance team providing value?  

Modernising the finance function can include:

  • standardising and streamlining financial and operating processes;
  • identifying opportunities to eliminate non-value activities to drive efficiency through the adoption of lean methodologies;
  • identifying automation opportunities to reduce manual and repetitive tasks;
  • redefining the roles, skills and capabilities needed in finance;
  • strengthening data and analytic capabilities to improve data quality and insight;
  • enabling real time reporting capabilities to provide management more accurate information; and
  • establishing a more robust and risk-based financial control environment to mitigate risks.

How RSM can help

We help finance leaders to modernise their finance function. We help our clients gain a holistic end-to-end view of their financial processes, and work with them to identify pragmatic improvement initiatives, including the application of digital solutions, to drive business value. 

Finance function optimisation review

We’ll work with you to understand your current working environment and ways of working. We will capture your key activities, decision points, handoffs between individuals/teams as well as and current pain points, whilst also understanding your future vision for finance. 
By applying our knowledge and experience of finance, leading practices and technologies, we can assess the maturity of your finance function and identify pragmatic improvement initiatives to help deliver your future vision. 

Technology and automation solutions 

We are often asked by our clients what the best finance system is, or the best automation tool is. There is no ‘right’ answer to this, and it very much depends on your needs and requirements,  your strategic objectives and your future vision.

We can guide and support you through this process, using a tried and tested process, to enable you to select the right solution.


Dedicated in-house team

Industry experience, professionally qualified accountants with tools and methodologies developed from helping hundreds of clients.

Full range of services

A network of specialists with a breadth and depth of expertise across a range of disciplines.


Partner collaboration

Through collaboration with partners, we offer a range of corporate performance management and automation solutions.
Victoria Spooner
Victoria Spooner
Director, Digital Finance Consulting
Victoria Spooner
Victoria Spooner
Director, Digital Finance Consulting
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Future of finance

This webinar series is a deep dive into some of those topics, designed to help you navigate the future of finance.