Finance function transformation

To succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations must focus continuously on improving performance to deliver their strategic objectives.

How you structure your finance function, from redefining the skills and capabilities needed in the team, the opportunities for automation you choose, to the technology and processes that underpin finance and the wider organisation, will all impact the success of your business.

The key components of finance function improvement

We understand the complex challenges facing modern finance functions. We work with Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and their teams, across all sectors, navigating issues to place finance as a true partner to the business and driving strategic decision-making.

Our finance transformation framework brings together the fundamental aspects of finance operating models, including skills and capabilities, opportunities for automation, and strengthened data and analytic capabilities. These are all driven from a focus on customer needs.

How we can help drive efficiency

We work with you to understand your current position, consider where you want to be, and support you through the transformation. We define practical, deliverable plans to take you to the next level. That might involve changes to people (roles, culture, skills) process and technology. 

Our services include:

  • Finance diagnostics
    We will work with your finance teams to understand the current working environment, analyse processes and ways of working and identify pain points and practical opportunities for improvement. 
  • Finance operating model design 
    We will work with your finance teams and stakeholders in the wider business to understand the current finance function and working environment in relation to all aspects of our finance transformation framework.  We will work with you to develop a future state target operating model including the roadmap and implementation plan to transition to your future state.  
  • Performance management
    We can help you with the efficient preparation and presentation of business performance management information.  We will assess, prepare and implement a solution that will improve your organisation’s performance management processes.
  • Process design
    We support you in defining and implementing good practice processes that take advantage of the latest technology - including automation assessment and use of robotics.

The use of technology within the finance function

Where technology is required as part of your finance systems transformation, we can advise on the right approach to software selection and implementation. And should you select one of them, our strategic partnerships with NetSuite, Microsoft and Planful mean we have the implementation and change skills to deliver successful change for your organisation.

Why select RSM to transform your finance function?

  • Our consultants have a wealth of industry experience, are professionally qualified accountants and have the tools and methodologies developed from helping hundreds of clients, across all sectors, transform their finance function.
  • Through collaboration with partners, we are able to offer a range of corporate performance management and automation solutions that can be tailored to your organisation’s individual requirements.
  • We have an extensive network of specialists, that provide clients with a breadth and depth of expertise across a range of disciplines including HR, legal, change management, procurement, performance management, tax and risk assurance.

Contact Theresa Guermellou or Robert Ross to discuss how RSM can help you to transform your finance function.