US Expansion and Investment strategies

On Thursday 9 February, RSM UK partnered with RSM US and the US Department of Commerce at the prestigious US Embassy in London to highlight the US market as a fertile ground for growth for UK businesses looking to expand.

It is no secret the UK and the US have a long-standing relationship that spans politics, culture, and most notably, economics. Over the years, many UK businesses have taken the plunge and expanded into the US economy, seeking to tap into one of the world's largest and most lucrative markets.

This trend has been facilitated by several factors, including the historic ties between the two countries, a shared language, and a similar legal and regulatory framework. Additionally, the US offers UK businesses access to a diverse consumer base, innovative technology and a thriving start-up ecosystem.

Despite these benefits, expanding into the US market can be a challenging endeavour for UK businesses. Differences in culture, business practices, and regulatory requirements can create significant hurdles for companies seeking to establish a foothold in the US.

In this article series, we examine some of the challenges and opportunities that businesses looking to expand into the US should be thinking about.