Contentious insolvency

Special investigations

RSM’s special investigations team focus on contentious insolvency and fraud investigations with a demonstrated history of recovering assets from both the UK and overseas. 

Our multi-disciplinary team deal with enforcement actions and local and international asset tracing working with legal advisers and forensic experts to identify and recover assets and to bring claims against those accountable for fraud, misfeasance, or breach of duty. We deal with cross-border issues, complex litigation and numerous contentious issues, as well as liquidations and high-profile bankruptcies.

Get to know our team and expertise through this interactive webpage. You will find commentaries on fraud and insolvency trends, in-house blogs and articles and links to our social media sites.

Steering you through a contentious insolvency case

We have broken down a typical insolvency investigation case into four stages to help you identify the next steps and secure the best outcome.