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Untangling savings rules could improve investments

20 July 2018

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published its review on how savings and investment income is currently taxed, outlining that the rules as they exist are overly complex and difficult to interpret, which can lead to confusion and taxpayers making flawed investment decisions.

HMRC enquire about tax strategy and SAO

20 July 2018

HMRC has recently been sending letters to mid-sized businesses to advise them of their obligations with respect to the publication of their tax strategy and senior accounting officer (SAO) requirements, based upon information stated to have been taken from the most recent corporate tax return submitted.

Is your college preparing your year end and final funding claims?
Stephanie Mason

20 July 2018

Are you preparing your year end and final funding claims? At RSM we carry out a variety of reviews of funding for our college and training provider clients. Download our briefing to explore some of the key changes to funding and areas to consider.

FRC focus for interim accounts
Louise Ward

18 July 2018

The Financial Reporting Council’s Corporate Reporting Review has issued a briefing designed to remind companies of key topics to bear in mind when preparing their interim accounts.

Pensions assurance: safeguarding your assets and managing your obligations
Ian Bell

18 July 2018

Amid the changing landscape of the UK pensions sector, the job of the trustee and the trustee board is under more scrutiny than ever before. Our report takes an in-depth look at how trustees best safeguard their assets and manage their obligations, which ultimately lead to obtaining the right level of pensions assurance and ensure long-term stability.

Will EU nationals be able to live and work in the UK after Brexit?
Caroline Wood

18 July 2018

The government and the EU offered some long-awaited clarification on whether EU nationals will be able to continue to live and work in the UK after Brexit. Find out the details of the proposals and the next steps your business should think about.

Combat complacency and maintain compliance - what next for GDPR?
Sheila Pancholi

16 July 2018

The GDPR enforcement deadline of May 2018 has been and gone – but that’ doesn’t mean that it’s done and dusted, that was simply the tip of the iceberg for data privacy. Organisations who become complacent about maintaining GDPR compliance are very much in danger of falling foul of it.

June heatwave and football boosts Britain’s pub takings

16 July 2018

Britain’s pubs enjoyed a mini sales boom in June thanks to the hot weather and the start of the World Cup, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker confirm. But while the country’s managed pub and bar groups saw collective like-for-like sales rise 2.8 per cent against last June, restaurant groups were suffering in the heat with a 1.8 per cent fall in like-for-like trading.

End of term report | Summer 2018
Nick Sladden

12 July 2018

At the ISBA Bursars’ Conference in May 2018 we launched our publication 'Reserving the future: Financial policies in independent schools'. The publication was well-received and in light of the good feedback we have included a summary of the key themes in our summer edition as well as a link to the full publication in case you missed it.

New forces at work

09 July 2018

New forces are transforming the world of work. Societal shifts, digital technologies and tightening regulations are changing your people’s expectations about how, when and where they work. In this new era, outdated practices around recruitment, people management and workforce structures will leave your organisation exposed.