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Principle four – Banks undertake appropriate model validation and independent review activities to ensure sound model performance and greater understanding of model uncertainties
Alistair Hynd

01 November 2018

As with the other three principles, the PRA gives sound, common sense guidance overall but leaves a lot of practical matters untouched and questions unanswered.

Wellbeing at work requires openness and leadership

31 October 2018

With three in five people experiencing work-related mental health issues, training managers to foster a mental health friendly culture is crucial for better performance.

Reminder for recruitment agencies to check their agency worker contracts

31 October 2018

Is it time to review your agency worker contracts? A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal is a stark reminder of the need to for certain conditions to be met.

Employment references – do they still have value?

31 October 2018

References have become brief and factual and their usefulness has become questioned. Read more to see how references can still be a useful tool.

HMRC’s new approach to ‘employer duty’ compliance

31 October 2018

HMRC has introduced new ways of working when undertaking reviews of employers’ records. Such reviews are now increasingly referred to as ‘employer duty compliance checks’. If you are selected for such a review, and are asked to complete an HMRC questionnaire, this must be handled carefully.

Top tips to avoid payroll panic this Christmas

31 October 2018

As we get closer to Christmas – it is important for organisations to start thinking about what impact it will have on their usual business processes. Here are our top tips to avoid Christmas payroll panic.

Artificial Intelligence – the end of prejudice or just the beginning?

31 October 2018

Technology is playing a bigger role in our working lives. AI is the next step and will impact the way we work. But what’s the cost?

EU settlement pilot scheme opens
Caroline Wood

31 October 2018

The next phase of EU Settlement Scheme for EU citizens and their family members opens on 1 November 2018. Find out how this pilot can help secure the immigration status of your EEA workforce.

What does the Chancellor's Budget mean for consumer businesses?

30 October 2018

Fiscal Phil has announced the Government’s last Budget before Brexit, assuming it happens, but what does it mean for the Consumer Markets sector?

Lenders and directors at risk from insolvency changes

30 October 2018

Find out how lenders and directors could be at risk from insolvency changes in this year’s Budget Announcement. For information or advice click here.