Assuring change

There is increasing pressure on organisations to deliver business critical projects/programmes within shorter timeframes, under greater stakeholder scrutiny, and with tighter financial constraints.

With considerable financial and human resource being invested, assurance plays an essential role in giving confidence to all parties involved that outcomes and benefits can, and will, be delivered.

To enable effective decision making senior managers should know:

  • how each project contributes to strategic objectives;
  • the likelihood of achieving the expected benefits;
  • the remaining cost of each project;
  • the earliest and latest completion time for each project;
  • total exposure to risk;
  • resource capacity; and
  • the impact on the achievement of strategic objectives if any single project was cancelled, deferred, slowed down or accelerated.

An independent view to these areas can provide comfort to your wider audience and underpin any progress made to date. A pragmatic approach to external review can help discover risks not necessarily perceived by teams focussed on delivery.

We can help you do this by using our Smart Assurance approach to assess:

  • whether the organisation is ‘fit for change’;
  • how the project/programme is set up to deliver change; and
  • the suite of controls to ensure the project/programme objectives are fully realised.

Contact Walter Akers to discuss the benefits of how assurance can add value and insight – increasing change management efficiency.

Smart assurance for projects and programmes

Smart assurance for projects and programmes

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