Before your business goes through major projects or a transformation, it is important that you have the capability to manage the process effectively. Having project managers in your organisation who don’t have the right knowledge and experience can be destructive for both the projects they are running and the organisation. Similarly, you need the right tools, processes and governance in place to manage programmes efficiently.

We can help you independently assess your capabilities and put the necessary steps in place to improve your ability to manage your portfolios, programmes and projects effectively.

Benchmarking skills in your team

Our experts will assess your project managers, executives and project support staff to identify their strengths, weaknesses and development needs. We can also help you determine if they are in the right role, whether they have leadership potential or if their skills could be better employed elsewhere in your organisation.

We base our assessments on the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Competence Framework, which is based on the International Project Management Association’s (IPMA) Individual Competency Baseline. Using a combination of modules, which include online surveys, development centres, reporting and development planning for individuals and the organisation itself, we design an assessment that meets your needs.

To make the analysis of the data easier and therefore more cost-effective, we have created a tool that creates the insights automatically. Using this technology means that you will receive consistent outputs that are easy to interpret regardless of the number of candidates being assessed.

P3M3® capability assessment

Even when following best practice methods, many organisations find that programmes do not run as they should. If are you noticing project failures, initiatives slipping under the radar of governance controls, too much paperwork, or supplier contracts being managed incorrectly, you may need to improve your capabilities. A P3M3® capability assessment can help you do so.

RSM helped AXELOS Ltd develop the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®). It has been designed to allow organisations to assess and benchmark their current capability and effectively develop plans for improvement.

We have our own guide to delivering P3M3 services, which has been developed over a number of years and is available to our licensed assessors. It describes our approach, contains our latest tools and templates, and provides additional guidance. Using this clear process means we deliver a consistent service. It’s also built with flexibility and includes a range of services. These include a wide-reaching survey, a facilitated self-assessment, and full and light independent assessment variants.

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