Software selection

All organisations require the right business software to run their finances and their operations. From financial reporting to operations and customer service, software underpins virtually all business processes.

Yet many organisations do not know how to go about selecting the right software for their needs. Too many dive straight into software demonstrations or sales sessions without asking – what are we trying to achieve and what are our real requirements?

Guiding you through the software selection process

Software selection needn’t take months or be an arduous process. Sometimes a structured request for proposal (RFP) process is appropriate. On other occasions a more ‘agile’ approach to software selection can be taken, down-selecting to three vendors quickly and undertaking a gap analysis based on a smaller number of key business requirements.

RSM has a proven method for guiding you through the software selection journey. The starting point must be to ensure that senior stakeholders are agreed on the key priorities for the software investment.

Attention must be paid equally to ‘functional’ requirements (software features and the product roadmap) and ‘non functional’ requirements such as the vendor’s cultural fit, commercial proposition and security.

Choosing the right systems for your organisation

Our deep understanding of software gives us important insights into how to choose, and implement, the most suitable systems for you organisation. Our clients appreciate our ability to support both the software selection and implementation phases and the continuity of knowledge this brings through the software journey.

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