Technology consulting

Technology is essential to all organisations. Developments in digital technology, such as mobile, analytics and cloud computing create both opportunities for businesses to extend their use of IT in new ways, yet also render the need for a clear technology strategy more important than ever.

RSM’s technology consulting team can help your organisation to assess its use of technology and to define and deliver an IT strategy that supports and drives your strategic priorities.

Our experienced consultants bring experience in all aspects of IT operations, including infrastructure, networks and business applications, to help you assess your IT strengths and weaknesses.

We can then help you to assess the right technologies for you to prepare a practical implementation roadmap that takes account of cost, skills and payback.

We have deep expertise in the financial system and ERP software market, and have helped many organisations to select and deploy software that fits with their growth plans.

We can help you in the following ways:

Through our close work with colleagues in technology assurance, operational improvement and finance function advisory services; RSM is can provide a full transformation management service.

To find out how RSM’s technology consulting team can help your organisation, get in touch with Chris Knowles, Partner and Head of Technology Consulting Services.

Harnessing technology for success

In an increasingly digital world, technology can make or break a business.

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Our ERP solutions

Microsoft Dynamics AX

A market-leading ERP system for 
mid-sized and large organisations, 
with the power to transform 
your operations.


An integrated, cloud-based ERP system well suited to fast-growing businesses.

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