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The Real Economy’s latest topical report delves into the growing importance of digital transformation.

Digital technologies have transformed the way society and businesses operate. In our latest topical survey, we asked our panel of middle market business leaders about their experiences – and their plans for digital strategies and investments.

Our results clearly show that digital transformation is a priority for the middle market and will continue to be top of the agenda in the face of considerable political and economic turmoil.

For the full results – and expert commentary on how to make the most of digital strategies – read our report and industry insights.

Digital transformation sector insights

The role of digital transformation in the future of UK healthcare

Discover how digital transformation can help the UK healthcare sector tackle backlog, workforce and skills challenges and offer positive opportunities for the future.

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Retail in real-time: Getting ahead with data analytics 

Find out how retailers can harness unstructured data alongside traditional metrics to influence every decision from forecasting and design, to timing marketing campaigns and product drops. 

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Digital transformation in the Financial Services industry

Senior analyst Erin Sims considers the enormous change the finance industry is having to adapt to, brought about by the huge changes in customer’s digital first expectations.

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Practical guidance for maximising your digital investments

As investing in digital strategies becomes more of a priority for the middle market, our experts have put together some practical points to help you make the most of your digital investments.

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Five ways Private Equity is embracing digital transformation

Senior analyst Jasper Van Heesch considers the role private equity has played in the evolution of the technology sector and how PE is using these to its own advantage. 

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Can your digital investments be Metaverse proof?

Partner and senior analyst Ben Bilsland looks at the impact the Metaverse could have on UK businesses and considers if now is the right time to get ‘Metaverse-proof’.

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 Digital transformation

Digital Transformation report

 Digital transformation

Read our topical report for the full findings of our survey of middle market business leaders with analysis and commentary from our digital experts.

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