Intergrated Care Systems - collaboration at place virtual workshop briefing

27 April 2022

Collaboration at place will be a key component of system working, being one way in which partners work together to plan, deliver and transform services. Working collaboratively at place provides opportunities to tackle unwarranted variation, making improvements and delivering the best care for patients and communities.

RSM’s workshop held on 9 March covered how organisations can collaborate to deliver change. The discussion explored:

  • how partners can work together in collaboration;
  • principles to support local decision-making;
  • identifying shared goals, appropriate membership and governance; and
  • alignment of activities with ICS priorities.

We welcomed panellists:

  • Paul Athey, Chief Finance Officer at Birmingham and Solihull CCG;
  • Rachel Soni, Director of Partnerships at Westminster City Council and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea;
  • Justin Cumberlege, Partner at Hempsons; and
  • Nick Atkinson, Partner from RSM.

The workshop was chaired by Clive Makombera (RSM).

The key discussion points are highlighted below and further details can be found in the PDF version here.

  1. How best can the relevant statutory bodies delegate define decision-making functions to the joint committee in accordance with their respective schemes of delegation?
  2. How will the proposed new structures at ‘neighbourhood’, ‘place’, and ‘system’ levels work in practice eg developing clear lines of accountability and transparency around how and where decisions are made, while continuing to allow flexibility for locally led change?
  3. How do we ensure that the ICS understands the local government governance routes and roles? And in particular, the valuable contribution that can be made by all tiers of local government and the importance of working with elected members?
  4. There have been various discussions around building Alliance contracts and also the System Collaboration and Financial Management Agreements for instance -What would you propose as the best means of formalising working arrangements between providers across the System and does this vary depending upon the footprint being covered, eg at a System or Place level?
  5. Can you please provide further explanation around the statutory framework for Integrated Care Partnerships ‘ICPs’, as legislated for by the Health and Care Bill?
  6. Several of the larger ICS areas will have several local authorities all sitting within one ICS footprint. What should systems do to make the structures work for all concerned?
  7. What advice can you give on managing conflicting roles and interests of ICS board members? For instance, a provider chief who sits on the ICS board will remain accountable for their own organisation’s performance, as well as having a formal say in ICS decisions? 

Our next Health Matters virtual workshop will be on 29 June 2022, focussing on rostering, retention, and the flexible workforce.

The panel discussion will cover:

  • Using technology for efficient rostering
  • Predictive workforce planning management information
  • Equipping line managers to develop people and careers
  • IR35 – managing the tax and legal risks

To register your interest for the next workshop please email Claire Smallman.