The rules of attraction

15 February 2019

Private equity is used successfully in a wide variety of situations, from rescuing declining businesses to accelerating high-growth businesses that are already growing quickly. Most private equity investments, however, involve an existing or partially exiting shareholder - either an individual(s) or a corporate parent. As well as paying money to the exiting shareholder, the deal usually enables further capital to be invested into the business to fund a growth plan, giving the company a clear direction and the resources with which to hire and grow. 

We interviewed PE investors, Jonathan Caswell (LDC) and Simon May (Graphite), on how to attract PE investors, what value they add to a company, and how to prepare for a PE investment.

Interview with Graphite
Simon May, Graphite, discusses what makes a company attractive to private equity investors.
Interview with LDC
Jonathan Caswell, LDC, discusses the benefit of gaining private equity investment for your business.

Private equity - who, what and why?

Our private equity series will help you to understand who is involved in the journey, what it is and why it could be the answer your business is looking for.