Technology and Innovation

As we move gradually out of lockdown and into a new normal, many once-viable business models have become completely incompatible with a socially-distanced, working-from-home world. In the articles on this page, we look at how entire sections of the UK economy can be reimagined and how businesses can adapt to these changes with a renewed focus on data and technology.

How to be digital first post-coronavirus

Whether coronavirus will cause a digital revolution or evolution is yet to be decided, but how it will impact you and your business should be understood.

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Digital Business Transformation: Re-invigorating your business for the 'new normal'

Operations will be noticeably different in the post-lockdown era. Freed from the constraints of co-locating workers in physical proximity, and in many cases more physically distant from their customers, businesses can adopt newer ways of working supported by Cloud technologies.

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The value of data

The value of data is certainly not a new topic. As organisations look to the future with undoubtedly a bigger focus on digital transformation, understanding, trusting and using data has become ever more important.

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Reimagining productivity and resilience

As we all continue to navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic, attention will invariably move from short-term action to reimagining how our businesses can operate and thrive in the medium and longer term.

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