Cyber security

Protect your IT networks

As many as eight in ten of the biggest British companies have suffered from a serious incident of cyber-crime, costing the UK economy tens of billions of pounds every year. RSM’s dedicated team will help you protect your networks from potentially catastrophic risks.

Do vulnerabilities exist on your internal or external networks? RSM can test the security of both to identify any exploitable weaknesses, and make practical recommendations for minimizing risk and liabilities. Our services include:

  • internal server intrusion assessment;
  • remote access security assessment;
  • logical security system assessment;
  • infrastructure component security and systems security;
  • PCI DSS;
  • penetration testing; and
  • assessment of your overall security control environment.

Development of cyber security models

RSM adopts a security model that addresses all primary areas of your security environment.

Our approach is based on two distinct strategies:

Internal testing

For your server environment, we use a combination of automated techniques in order to check security and determine compliance with your logical security policies and procedures. We also test your account integrity, login parameters, password strength and file attributes.

External testing

Our trained professionals mimic the processes used by hackers to gain access to your systems on the internet. Using both commercial and public domain tools, we define your current network configuration and identify potential network vulnerabilities. We report the depth and degree of your information vulnerability to you, and make recommendations to strengthen the security of your network.

To find how RSM’s cyber security team can help your organisation please contact Steven Snaith, Head of IT assurance services or fill in the form below.

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