How RSM can help you to create and deliver your IT and digital strategy

RSM’s technology and management consulting team provide the practical support that businesses need to to put digital and information technology at the heart of their business strategy. We offer a range of services to help create a digital and IT strategy that is right for your business.

Building and supporting your digital and IT strategy

Our technology and management consulting team bring the combined skills required to help you to define strategy and implement digital technologies. Our services are built around a deep rooted understanding of the environment in which modern organisations operate, and the tools and advice needed to thrive and grow in their chosen sectors

Our digital and IT consulting services include:

  • digital readiness assessments;
  • assistance in the preparation of IT strategy and digital strategies;
  • digital enablement and digital adoption;
  • digital maturity assessments;
  • the development of technology roadmaps;
  • cloud adoption consulting and implementation;
  • system selection for mid-market businesses; and
  • assistance in preparing organisations for a digital future

Our ‘balanced’ strategy approach places equal emphasis on three key areas of IT delivery: IT governance, IT systems and IT staffing and support.  We start by assessing your organisation’s current strengths and weaknesses across these areas, then working with you to identify key actions to address areas of weakness, or where investment opportunities lie. This will help you to take better advantage of IT and digital technologies in support of your business strategy. 

Our recommendations are pragmatic and structured into an achievable roadmap, with clear ownership and costs for each action.  In this way we ensure that our report is usable and will make a real impact on improving IT service provision to your organisation.

Digital maturity

There are behavioural and cultural aspects of adopting digital. Embedding agile working practices properly can form the backbone of successful digital adoption. Our Digital Maturity Assessment can quickly identify those areas where digital adoption is lagging and those where a more mature digital approach is being taken. Practical suggestions and pragmatic next steps are designed to deliver real improvements for your organisation.

RSM and your IT and digital strategy

RSM has a particular focus on the digital needs of middle market businesses and not-for-profits, and we understand the unique growth opportunities and resource constraints that these organisations face. We believe that RSM brings an unparalleled combination of skills which are required to develop an effective IT strategy.  

  • Benefits driven
    We focus on delivering tangible outcomes and business benefits – not just an IT strategy review, but a robust roadmap that will drive your technology to meet the needs of your business.
  • Wide experience across sectors
    Our substantial knowledge of IT has been gained over many years of working with clients across all sectors, and as such we understand the complexity of the technology landscape, issues and risks your organisation faces.
  • Market knowledge
    We have the ability to bring genuine insight and detailed knowledge of your market and understand the environment in which you operate and how best to leverage your resources to deliver your IT strategy.
  • A collaborative approach
    A fundamental part of our delivery process involves listening to your business and technology aspirations and helping you to shape the roadmap to implement the changes.

For more information about how our technology and management consulting team can help your organisations develop and deploy its IT and digital strategy, please contact Neil Favager or Mitra Samarasinghe

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