Realising business value

While some businesses have seen an exponential increase in value throughout the coronavirus crisis, many have struggled to remain afloat as the reality of global shutdowns has bitten hard. In the articles on this page, we look at the impact on the bottom line – exploring everything from cash flow, losses, and tax obligations to debt deferments and preparing a business for sale.

Business exit and de-risking – when is the right time?

11 June 2020

If you're thinking of exiting your business due to coronavirus, you need to consider if it's the right time for your shareholders, business and the market. We explore market conditions that will affect the success of the sale.

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How has the value of your business been affected by coronavirus?

No company or sector will be fully insulated by the coronavirus pandemic. The impact on the value of a business and the deal market has been mixed. We explore how to create value and prepare your business for a possible sale.

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