Advances in technology and the digital economy are allowing more businesses to operate on a global scale. But with new opportunities come challenges – like navigating a whole new tax system. 

If your business has any international presence, no matter the size of your operations, you need to think about global tax compliance. 

At RSM, our international tax experts will help you to stay tax-compliant wherever you operate.

Collaborating daily with our colleagues in RSM’s offices around the world, here are some of the ways our international tax experts can help you.

  • Strategic planning

Getting under the skin of your global operation is fundamental to successful strategic planning. We can work alongside you to ensure your holding company strategy aligns with your wider objectives and help you plan your response to changes such as the introduction of Pillar Two. 

  • International tax advisory 

We provide a full range of international tax advice including support on the design and implementation of transfer pricing policies and help to make the management of your globally mobile workforce friction-free. 

  • Compliance 

Through our global compliance and reporting centre, we can track and co-ordinate your worldwide tax obligations, ensuring global VAT compliance as well as bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. 

For guidance relating to internationally mobile individuals, visit our private client pages.

  • Expanding to the UK
  • Expansion from the UK
  • Complex international tax

Expanding to the UK

Understanding UK tax

While the UK’s tax system is aligned with international norms in many ways, the tax code system and regulatory framework is complex. 

Our foreign direct investment team helps companies expand into new markets or locations like the UK. This may include:

  • posting key staff to open or manage new locations;
  • advice on choosing a branch, subsidiary or other entity;
  • local payroll obligations;
  • tax registrations; and
  • structuring local trade including selecting an appropriate transfer pricing policy.

We can also guide you through the UK’s tax governance regimes.

Speaking to one of our advisers as early as possible is the best option to navigate the UK’s tax and regulatory regime. We can work together to set up the right tax structure for your business with your commercial objectives in mind.

Contact our expert international tax team to find out how we can assist your business's global expansion.

Expansion from the UK

Tax strategy for international expansion

Expanding internationally from your UK base is exciting, but you’ll need to think about tax compliance as early as possible. 

RSM has a global network of advisers who can collaborate with you to understand the tax implications, wherever in the world you expand. Speaking to one of our experts at the planning stage will make sure your international growth goes smoothly. 

We’ll help you minimise delays, stay compliant and avoid unnecessary costs. If you’re expanding through acquisition, our transactions team provides specialist support.

We’ll work together to understand your commercial plans and help you structure your business in the right way.

Once you’re up and running, our global compliance and tax reporting team will ensure you’re compliant with local tax rules, such as corporate, employment and indirect income taxes.

Contact our expert international tax team to find out how we can assist your business's global expansion.

Complex international tax

Managing your international tax obligations

The international tax landscape is complex and changing as countries work towards establishing a more globally cohesive tax system through a global minimum tax. 

For international businesses, it’s important to understand established tax regimes and keep up with any future developments that may change the way you work.  

Working with RSM tax specialists in over 120 jurisdictions and supported by RSM tax technology, we will help you make the right decisions for your international operations and make sure your tax strategy is aligned globally.

Contact our expert international tax team to find out how we can assist your business's global expansion.