International tax issues aren’t just something for major multinationals to think about. Advancements in technology and the digital economy are allowing more businesses to operate on a global scale. But with new opportunities come challenges – like navigating a whole new tax system. 

If your business has any kind of international presence, however humble your operations, you need to think about global tax compliance. 

At RSM, our international tax experts will help you understand how to stay tax compliant wherever you operate. Here are just some of the ways we can help.

  • Expanding to the UK
  • International expansion
  • Complex international tax

Expanding to the UK

Understanding tax when expanding to the UK

The UK is one of the world’s largest economies and a popular place for international investment. 

While the UK’s tax system is aligned with international norms in many ways, the tax code system is complex. Events of recent years have also impacted the country’s wider economy and tax system.

It's essential to work with an adviser to navigate the UK’s tax and regulatory regime, especially as it evolves over time. 

Speaking to one of our advisers as early as possible is the best option. We can work together to set up the right tax structure for your business with your commercial objectives in mind. 

If you’re struggling to find the time for your tax obligations, our outsourcing services will help you stay compliant and meet filing deadlines. 


International expansion

The right tax strategy for your international expansion

Expanding internationally from your UK base is exciting, but you’ll need to think about tax compliance as early as possible. 

Speaking to one of our experts at an early stage will make sure your international expansion goes smoothly. We’ll help you minimise delays, stay compliant and avoid unnecessary costs, from setup to future expansion. 

RSM has a global network of advisors who can work with you to understand the tax implications wherever in world you decide to expand.

Initially, we’ll work together to understand your commercial plans. Next, we’ll help you structure your business in the right way for your operations overseas. This may be a branch, subsidiary, or partnership. 

Once you’re up and running, we’ll make sure you’re compliant with local tax rules, such as corporate, employment and indirect income taxes.

Our tax experts will also initiate early conversations about your economic arrangements. We’ll make sure tax issues are identified so you can enjoy the profits of your international work without paying excessive amounts of tax.  

Complex international tax

Understanding the complexities of international tax

The complex international tax landscape is changing as countries work towards establishing a more globally cohesive tax system. 

For international businesses, it’s important to understand established tax regimes and keep up with any future developments that may change how you do things. 

Our international network of tax advisers will help you make the right decisions for your international operations. We’ll make sure your tax strategy is aligned globally and help you deal with particularly complex areas like:

  • anti-avoidance rules;
  • transfer pricing;
  • permanent establishments;
  • global minimum taxation;  
  • VAT and other indirect taxes;
  • environmental taxes;
  • customs duties;
  • payroll taxes; and 
  • withholding taxes.

At RSM UK, we have specialist teams in all areas of direct, indirect and employment tax. We can also draw on the strength of our RSM Global network to support you in navigating these challenges. 

If you operate a large, multinational business, we can also help you monitor overseas compliance. Our tax technology tools will keep you on track and give you full visibility of your global tax footprint, so you can stay compliant and plan for the future.