Dispute services

The world of dispute resolution has changed substantially in the past decade and the role of the forensic accountant has changed with it.

Here are some of the areas in which RSM’s seasoned team can assist you:

Dispute advisory

To ensure positions are optimised in settlement negotiations, it is crucial to be clear on the merits of the case from both the legal and quantum perspectives, and to able to argue persuasively from a position of knowledge. Our team offers proportionate and cost‐effective analysis and advice. This gives our clients and their legal advisors the ability to understand the financial and loss issues, and plan and execute the appropriate settlement strategies. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We are also able to offer facilitation services for the settlement of commercial disputes through our trained mediators and arbitrators. We can also act as experts in mediation, determination and other forms of ADR. Not all cases will settle. 

Expert witness

When this happens, we can provide expert witnesses for a variety of High Court and arbitral proceedings and criminal and disciplinary matters. We pride ourselves in keeping things simple and focused, presenting our work in clear and unambiguous terms. As one of the world’s leading business services firms, we have the relevant expertise to help address the issues we are asked to review or examine. 

Our services

Commercial and contractual disputes

We have substantial experience of dealing with issues of valuation and loss, which is based on our past and present involvement in a wide range of commercial and contractual disputes. We therefore have the expertise to assist you with disputes arising from supply chain issues, problematic service delivery, IT implementation, post M&A issues, shareholder or partnership disagreements.

We act for small owner‐managed entities through to multi‐national enterprises across multiple sectors. We deliver high quality work with clear and concise reports, leveraging our in‐depth sector expertise from across RSM.

Professional negligence

As experienced advisers ourselves, we can provide an opinion on whether the work of an accountant was appropriate and of the required standard. We can offer clear and thorough analysis of loss to support or defend a claim. Our expert reports are key to assisting the court's understanding of the issues and assessment of the claim.

Sale purchase agreements

When buying or selling a business, it is vital to get the commercial objectives properly set out in the transaction documents. We provide cradle-to-grave services, from reviewing the draft sale purchase agreement, right through to assisting with disputes over warranties and incomplete accounts. Where deferred or earn-out consideration issues are concerned, we are often instructed to act as experts to determine disputes. We also support clients with the preparation of submissions to experts, and even to advise on potential earn-out exposures in the earn-out period. We regularly work with RSM’s transactions team, as well as external legal and financial advisers and with corporates directly. This takes place both before a transaction as part of the due-diligence process and post-transaction in the event of a dispute. 

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs)

We have significant experience in valuing businesses and assessing losses arising through the CPO process to enable claims to be dealt with efficiently and effectively. We can provide advice for negotiated settlements as well as expert witnesses to prepare reports and provide evidence to the tribunal.

Personal injury

Our personal injury specialists have extensive experience of dealing with matters pertaining to accidents (including fatal accidents), clinical negligence and industrial diseases. We seek to add value for clients and contacts.

Matrimonial and family

We advise clients on many of the financial aspects of marriage, separation and divorce. This includes advice on pre-nuptial agreements.

In ancillary relief proceedings, we act both as experts instructed by one party and as single joint experts, often being asked primarily to advise on settlements.

International arbitration

We provide expert witness services in international arbitration cases, and have worked on a significant number of claims in excess of £200 million for large, international companies. Our persuasive arguments can dramatically reduce the risk of protracted litigation.

Please contact us to discuss how our dispute services could benefit your organisation.