Before you enter a new business relationship you often need to understand who you are dealing with. We can help provide you with the visibility and clarity you need to understand your business’ risks. We will carry out in-depth research and analysis to identify any potential financial, regulatory and legal risks and advise you on how to mitigate them.

Our team provides a range of investigative, research and intelligence gathering services, globally. Whether you are going through an acquisition, major investment, joint venture or entering a new supply chain or client relationship, our integrity due diligence (IDD) capacity  will help you to make informed decisions about the business partnership. In other situations, such as where you suspect fraud, corruption, money laundering or face a commercial dispute, we are able to provide you with crucial investigative and background detail. 

IDD involves gathering information on prospective business partners, employers or suppliers to help you manage your risk exposure. This may involve identifying the ultimate beneficial owner of a business or the status of an individual, such as assessing whether they might be considered a politically exposed person.  

We also endeavour to identify possible involvement in ‘red flag’ issues, from allegations of money laundering and corruption to potential involvement in fraud, terrorist financing and links to organised crime groups and tax evasion. This intelligence can inform your strategic decisions and give you peace of mind around your key business relationships. This may be particularly important if your new partner is located in jurisdictions where corporate governance has historically been weak, or in perceived ‘high risk’ jurisdictions or industry sectors. 

We will tailor the level of IDD and background research performed to your specific requirements and the level of risk to which your business is exposed.