Our corporate investigations team can help you navigate sensitive investigatory challenges following potentially damaging allegations of fraud, bribery, or other instances of economic or regulatory misconduct. Responding quickly and confidently during these incidents is essential to positive resolutions. Our team of experts have the experience, skills, and technology to collect the relevant data, to establish the extent of the issue and help you mitigate the risks to your business. We will get to the truth of the matter and help you mitigate   financial loss, regulatory intervention, and reputational damage.

In larger cross-border matters we have access to experts from our global network of professionals present in over 120 offices worldwide, including Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

Economic crime advisory

Our team will work with you to protect your business from exposure to economic crime threats and the associated legal and regulatory risks. 
It is essential that the frameworks designed to protect your business from economic crime threats are proportionate to the risks and are regularly reviewed, as the size and nature of your business evolves.

We will work with you to review and strengthen the frameworks in place to protect your business from a variety of economic crime threats such as fraud, bribery, money laundering, sanctions evasion and terrorist financing. We can assist to strengthen your defences where the UK Bribery Act or the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is the benchmark. 

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