The world of dispute resolution has changed substantially in the past decade, with the rise in electronic disclosure platforms and the move towards alternative dispute resolution. Our role has changed with it. Our services are now engaged early in the dispute process to evaluate claims and show the merit of potential routes. Our team will also support you in smoothing out the final steps of a transaction, providing the accounting clarity both parties need to move forward and come to a definitive conclusion

Dispute resolution is often a lengthy and complex process. We move quickly and efficiently, harnessing the technology needed to get you the accounting solutions you need. The same goes whether you require an independent evaluation of the numerical side of a matter, insight into a range of scenarios, or advice on matters relating to alleged negligence in respect of an accounting, audit or tax matter. By taking a partner-led approach, we ensure that you always have access to experts who will bring credibility to every case.  

Our large team has a wide breadth of experience in forensic accounting. We will support you on all manner of disputes, from insurance claims to fraud to transaction matters. We work closely and collaboratively with our contentious insolvency teams on a wide range of matters.  

Our dispute services include the following two categories. 

Dispute advisory

In settlement negotiations, it is crucial that you are clear on the merits of the case and have a full picture of the financial gain and loss issues. Bringing you clarity on the numerical side of a dispute, we work with you to develop an appropriate settlement strategy from a position of expert knowledge.

Our team can provide advice to you on professional negligence, whether it involves an accountant, auditor or tax adviser. In situations where it is alleged that a professional has made an error, our team can give you clarity on whether or not this is so.  Where negligence has occurred, we can advise on what went wrong, at what point and why.   

Our team will provide you with proportionate and cost‐effective analysis and advice, getting involved at any stage of your dispute to optimise your position. 

Expert witness and expert determination

We can provide expert witnesses for a variety of civil court and arbitral proceedings, as well as criminal and disciplinary matters. Our focus is on keeping evidence simple and direct, presenting our findings in clear and unambiguous terms. As a leading global business services firm, we have the expertise to help you address complex issues. 

Our team can provide you with independent experts to determine matters such as contentious valuations and completion accounts and earn-out disputes arising from sale and purchase agreements.

Our services

Commercial and contractual disputes

We can advise you on valuation and loss issues in commercial and contractual disputes. These can arise from a range of disputes including those relating to supply chains, service delivery, IT implementation, merger and acquisitions processes or shareholder or partnership disagreements. Drawing on our firm’s broad sector expertise, we create clear, concise reports that consider your market. 

Professional negligence

As experienced accountants ourselves, we can give you an independent assessment on whether the work of an accountant was appropriate and of the required standard. We also can offer clear and thorough analysis of loss to support or defend a claim. Our expert reports are key to assisting the court's understanding of the issues and assessment of the claim.

Sale purchase agreements

When buying or selling a business, it is vital to set out the commercial objectives properly in the transaction documents. Our transaction services can be engaged for any stage of the process, from reviewing the draft sale and purchase agreement through to bringing clarity to disputes over warranties and incomplete accounts. We also help prepare submissions to experts and advise on potential earn-out exposures. We also provide independent experts to determine disputes under such agreements.

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs)

We have significant experience in valuing businesses and assessing losses during a CPO process. Whether you are pursuing a negotiated settlement or the case is going to the tribunal, we can provide the expert insight and advice you need.

Personal injury

Our personal injury specialists deal with claims involving accidents (including fatal accidents), clinical negligence and industrial diseases. We can assess the full picture to accurately assess claims and provide different scenarios to guide your process. 

Matrimonial and family

We advise clients on many of the financial aspects of marriage, separation and divorce. In financial remedy or ancillary relief proceedings, we are often asked to provide evidence, acting as experts instructed by either one party or both parties or to advise parties to such proceedings. 

International arbitration

We provide expert witness services in international arbitration cases and have worked on many claims in excess of £200 million for large, international companies. Our persuasive arguments can dramatically reduce the risk of protracted litigation for you.

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