Pensions week 2023

Given the pressures of increased regulation and market volatility, it is vital that we have the most up-to-date knowledge of the pension sector and bring together networking opportunities for professionals to share best practice.

Pensions Week 2023 allowed RSM's specialist pensions team, alongside external experts, the time to reflect on the significant events that have impacted pension schemes in 2022 - such as surging inflation, spiralling interest rates and market turmoil - and focus on what Trustees will need to prioritise going into the 2023-24 financial year.

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What is on the horizon for covenant assessment?

Against the backdrop of the last six months’ political and economic turbulence, and with some significant changes coming down the line, trustees will be expected to consider the employer covenant. Guy Mander and Guy Jackson take you on a 'whistle stop' tour through some of the likely areas of development from a covenant perspective.

The session also includes a short feature from Tom Pugh – RSM UK’s economist and featured commentator in outlets such as Financial Times, The Independent and The Telegraph - to discuss inflationary issues and the recession with respect to pension schemes.

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An interview with David Fairs - The Pensions Regulator, Executive Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice

In a live Q&A session, Karen Tasker seeks David’s views on how the industry has changed following an energy crisis, increasing interest rates and liquidity issues in schemes trying to protect hedging strategies.  The session also touches on what is next on the Regulator’s agenda for 2023/24.

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Technical update

Philip Briggs provides a technical update on accounting, auditing and regulatory matters affecting trustees and management of pension schemes including the LDI fallout.

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Good governance: how are you managing your risks?

In a panel session, chaired by Elisabeth Storey, Vikki Massarano (Arc Pensions Law), Paul Tinslay (Dalriada Trustees) and David Rix (BP Pension Fund) discuss a range of topics including:

  • ESOG/ORA - making progress;
  • how do you use risk to drive your business plan and approach;
  • the importance of cyber considerations; and
  • how are you managing dashboards?
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