Wherever you are in your business lifecycle, we can provide a full range of outsourced accounting, compliance, and payroll services to help get you where you want to be. Accounting outsourcing for your business lifecycle

To see what we mean, explore the relevant business stages or watch our animation on how our teams can work with you. Throughout your lifecycle we use the processes, methods and technologies that best suit your needs, whether in the UK or globally.

Our outsourcing teams also specialise in several industries to fine-tune the insight we provide. These include financial services, real estate, energy and natural resources, life sciences, charities, technology and recruitment.  

  • Getting you up and running
  • Boosting your growth
  • Expanding outside the UK
  • For global business

Getting you up and running

Launching a business is a challenging time. Whether you’re a new UK business or looking to set up in the UK from abroad, managing your finance, accounting and workforce from day one is key. Our experts can guide you through each process and offer relevant insights on your industry when you need them most.

We bring together all the services that a growing, dynamic business would need to succeed, with one point of contact to focus and simplify our partnership. Our services at this early stage in the lifecycle include: 

  • monthly management reporting; 
  • tax compliance services; 
  • bookkeeping and accounting; 
  • pay and people services including payroll and HR; and 
  • UK set up services using our Foreign Direct Investment services team. 

If your business is new to the UK, watch our Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) video

To discuss your needs in more detail, please contact Mike Sables or Gayle Davies.

Boosting your growth

Once you’re established and growing, it makes good sense to assess your finance and business functions regularly. Are your internal or outsourced functions working well and delivering value? We can help you focus on what matters to your success and suggest improvements in your technology and business practices.

Our Finance Shared Service centres in Newcastle and Belfast can also help you to optimise efficiency and concentrate on your strategy.  

If your growth has come from a merger or acquisition, the first 100 days afterwards are crucial for any business. Our team can help you with any post-completion issues through tailored support and access to all of our specialist teams.

Watch the video to explore our services for growing businesses.

For more information please contact Harry Capewell or Malcolm Hinton.

Expanding outside the UK

Expanding into markets beyond the UK is a challenge. You’ll find your finance, accounting and workforce activities get more complex. So, it pays to make sure all regulatory filings are completed on time and local employment and payroll demands are met. When you are confident that everything is working as it should, you can focus on growing your business.

Spread across 120 countries, our RSM global network can offer advice and guidance on your first steps in a whole new market and the regulations you must meet.

Once established, you’ll have to stay on top of all your internal and regulatory obligations, year on year. This can be difficult with remote operations or lots of service providers across the world. Our global compliance and reporting services (GCRS) team can add vital clarity and help you access the experts you need locally.  

Wherever you are in the world, our GCRS project management office (PMO) can act as your single point of contact, co-ordinating and managing all these challenges for you. 

For more information on how we can help you expand into international markets, please contact Tom Bouch.

For global business

When you’re established worldwide, controlling international accounting, compliance and reporting while managing your global workforce is a major challenge. We support organisations in meeting their worldwide compliance and accounting responsibilities. 

The project management office (PMO) of our global compliance and reporting services (GCRS) team can help monitor and meet your filing obligations around the world. Their role is to become your eyes and ears and to focus on deadline management, billing, risk and issue management, scope changes and any pinch points in the compliance process. 

Our integrated GCRS offering includes technology to deliver multicounty VAT returns and financial statements from the UK. We then work with RSM International member firms to manage direct tax compliance and reporting, payroll and company secretarial services – all coordinated through our GCRS project management office. 

In addition, you have the flexibility to have bookkeeping services delivered from our Finance Shared Service Centre (FSSC) in Belfast using either our purpose-built, multi-country NetSuite solution or your own in-house platforms  

And each of these services is supported by tax and financial analytics to extract real value from the underlying data. 

For more information on how RSM can help you please contact Ian Sadler.