International tax

International tax issues are no longer only the concern of major multinationals. They impact all businesses with overseas sales or operations, whatever their size, with significant consequences for the unwary. 

It has never been easier to become an international business. Technological advances have opened new routes to market for traditional businesses, and the digital economy presents opportunities for ambitious businesses.

With these opportunities come tax complexities. Even those very familiar with the UK tax system can find the idiosyncrasies of tax in overseas jurisdictions challenging. This is where RSM can help.

Understanding tax when expanding to the UK

The UK is one of the world’s largest economies and remains a magnet for overseas investment. The UK tax regime is a relatively benign environment for inward investment and is generally aligned with international norms.

However, the UK tax code has always been complex. The UK has also not been immune to the turbulence created by global events in recent years. Consequently, the UK tax and regulatory regime remains one of the more extensive in the world, and as it continues to evolve it is essential to work with an advisor with the experience to help you navigate these challenges.

Talking to RSM at an early stage means we can make sure you set up a structure that is right for you, and considers your commercial objectives. We also offer outsourcing services to support you in fulfilling your UK compliance and filing obligations.

Ensuring your tax strategy works when expanding internationally

For ambitious UK businesses looking to expand their operations, international markets have always presented attractive commercial opportunities. But, as far as tax is concerned, there can be significant complexities.

Seeking expert advice at an early stage will help international expansion go smoothly, by minimising delays and avoiding unnecessary costs. RSM has a global network of advisors who can work with you to understand the tax implications wherever in world you decide to expand.

As a starting point, this would often involve understanding your commercial plans to establish the most appropriate structure for your operations overseas, such as a branch, subsidiary, or partnership.

The economic arrangements will also need early consideration to ensure that any tax issues are identified, and that profits can be generated locally and ultimately repatriated without unnecessary tax leakage. Once you are up and running, it is likely there will be a range of local tax compliance obligations to deal with - including compliance with the local corporate income, indirect, and employment taxes.

RSM has specialist teams in the UK and internationally who can assist you with the set-up, and provide support on the ground so you can expand your business with ease.

Understanding the complexities of international tax

In recent years the international tax landscape has been in the spotlight, and there are ongoing efforts to establish a more globally cohesive tax system.

In addition to dealing with the established tax regimes, it will be essential to keep up to date with developments so that you are able to address changes as they come into force.

RSM can help you to make the right decisions for your international operations. We work seamlessly with our international network to ensure your tax strategy is aligned wherever you operate. We understand international tax issues can arise across a number of complex areas, such as:

  • anti-avoidance rules;
  • transfer pricing;
  • permanent establishments;
  • global minimum taxation; 
  • VAT and other indirect taxes;
  • environmental taxes;
  • customs duties;
  • payroll taxes; and
  • withholding taxes.

RSM UK have specialist teams in all areas of direct, indirect and employment tax, and can draw on the strength of the RSM International network to support you in navigating these challenges.

For more complex global groups with well-established international operations, RSM can support you to monitor overseas compliance.

This will enable you to stay on track and our tax technology tools will ensure that you have full visibility of your global tax footprint and are able to plan effectively for the future.