We believe in promoting a culture of active listening and engagement. This will empower our people to bring their diverse voices and perspectives and help us to achieve better outcomes, for our clients and our community. 

To impact change you must first understand the issues at hand: this starts with an attentive ear. 

Some of our recent listening activities include:

  • We voluntarily reported on ethnicity pay gap alongside our statutory gender pay gap report, highlighting what we are doing to achieve our gender and ethnicity ambitions.

  • We continue to create spaces for people to share their experiences, as we know this has the power to build connections, empathy, and spark change in behaviour. 

Find out more on how we are continually driving progress through our Listen, Educate and Act strategy. 

Diversity and inclusion Educate


We empower our people to better understand diversity and inclusion and challenge thinking so that together, we can continue making progress.

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Diversity and inclusion Act


Through intentional and purposeful action, we will deliver on our promise.  

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