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VAT number checker

RSM’s VAT number checker software validates your customer and supplier VAT numbers in bulk, ensuring your VAT risks are managed effectively.

Why should you be checking your VAT numbers?

Failure to take reasonable care validating VAT numbers can result in unexpected VAT costs and penalties.

The misuse of VAT numbers is a key aspect of many VAT frauds and an area where a lack of due diligence in the supply chain can impact a business’s reputation with HMRC and contribute to a change in HMRC risk rating.

Validating VAT numbers in bulk on a regular basis represents a key compliance check for most businesses, to ensure that the VAT treatment applied to an invoice (or self billed invoice) can be justified based on the profile of the supplier or customer.

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RSM's VAT number checker

Options to meet the needs of all organisations

As not checking customer or supplier VAT numbers presents a risk for all companies, RSM’s VAT Number Checker is available in a number of options to meet the functional requirements of organisations operating a variety of environments. The software can scale as your business needs change and grow and is supported by our technical team should you have any queries.

VAT number checker

The software is especially powerful when utilised by businesses who issue self-billed invoices as well as organisations with large numbers of customers and suppliers.

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Tom Gilbert
Tom Gilbert
Partner, Tax Technology
A recent Court of appeal case won by HMRC indicates that having the supplier’s correct VAT number is a pre-requisite for recovering input VAT.

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