Customs Dashboard

Effectively report on your customs duty position and control your costs by using our powerful and cost-effective customs duty management software tool.

Why use the RSM customs dashboard to report on your import and export data?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are approaching customs compliance more seriously than ever before. Evidenced by penalties being issued, for example, where businesses have failed to respond to HMRC requests for import entry information within specified time limits.

By staying ahead of customs duty compliance, your business will be potentially recognised as low risk by HMRC, with less chance of being audited as a result. Additionally, it means that you are paying the right amount of duty and import VAT, at the right time.

Watch our short video to learn more about how our software can help your organisation address these common issues.
RSM Customs Dashboard

What are the key benefits of using the Customs Dashboard Software?

As one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK, we have utilised our global tax expertise and extensive knowledge of import and export legislation to develop the Customs Dashboard Software. This easy to use system will enable you to:
  • distil your customs import and export data making it significantly easier to interpret;
  • identify and illustrate opportunities for duty savings and areas of non-compliance;
  • utilise KPIs to support procurement decisions and supply chain teams; and
  • provide significant support for HMRC customs audits. 

Key features of the RSM customs dashboard software

icon 1 commodity codes audit

Commodity codes audit

Our software details the commodity codes being used and whether the right ones are being used within authorised special procedures.
icon 2 customs regime identification

Customs regime identification

The interface provides confirmation of the customs regimes being used and can help to establish more efficient import and export processes.
icon 3 supply chain

Supply chain and procurement

The dashboard will provide you with the insightful data needed to support your supply chain and procurement management.
icon 4 compliance management

Compliance management

Our software can be used as a core element of customs compliance.
icon 5 potential duty savings

Duty savings identification

The system will provide details of where savings could be gained when importing from ‘preference giving’ countries.
icon 6 KPI monitoring

KPI monitoring

This feature provides clearance times by agents to determine whether your KPIs are being met.
icon 7 agent management

Agent management

Easily identify the number of agents being used and whether this number could be reduced to minimise the risk of errors on your customs declarations.
icon 8 management of shipments

Management of shipments

Identifies shipments that are not proper to the business, for example where an agent has used your VAT/ EORI number to file a customs declaration.

“In a world of big data, clients have told us that they want software which will help them manage their own data, especially where their own companies do not have the resources available to develop software tools internally.”


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Brad Ashton
Brad Ashton
Partner, Customs and International Trade
Jason Wellden
Director, Customs and International Trade
Brad Ashton
Brad Ashton
Partner, Customs and International Trade
Jason Wellden
Director, Customs and International Trade