Contract billing compliance audits

Get the deal you bargained for with the help of a contract compliance audit. Whether you’re paying in excess of the agreed terms, or not getting the products and services you bought, you could be leaving lots of money on the table.

Are you receiving the deal you agreed to in your contract?

You spent significant time and resources negotiating the best deal you could with your suppliers and customers. But are you actually paying or receiving services according to agreed-upon terms and conditions? The answer is often no. This is why you might benefit from a contract compliance audit.

Today’s contract terms and costs are frequently highly complex and difficult to interpret, monitor or verify, based on the information included in billings and reporting. There are numerous areas for potential recovery, especially if your organisation has complex contracts, staff without specific contract expertise or process large numbers of invoices.

Global contracts present a unique challenge and we perform contract compliance audits across different countries.

Our contract compliance audits identify overpayments you make and underpayment by your customers - helping ensure you receive the benefit of your commercial deals. Typically the cost of the contract compliance audit is more than covered by the savings we find.

For more information on how we could help you save money on your contracts please contact Walter Akers, Head of Contract and Procurement Advisory.